Life and Love and Why

Well, this Christmas season has been entertaining and interesting all around. I have been studying a new religion, Messianic Judiasm, and have learned alot about the bible that I've never really realized before. I spend all day saturdays there with their church and then drive home so I can attend church at the Baptist Church, where I will soon pass on my Youth Leader responsibilities to someone else. Probably at the beginning of the coming year.
I have settled into my new room, in which i have no roomate, and no command to check into.. It has been a great couple of days. I spend most of my time out in town, associating with families from church, but when I am infact in my room.. I can do as I please, which is a wonderful yet temporary situation.
The longer I am away from home the more I realize how important family is, and I miss mine alot. I hope to take leave again in a few months, even if just for a few days to go see Grandpa, Dad and hopefully Steven and Maria. We'll see.. since I am property of the Govt, I sometimes don't get my way :-). Even in the slightest.
Got a call from Gillham back in theatre. They are doing great and are expecting my package soon, I miss them alot and pray that they make it home safely soon. I feel badly posting here, due to the fact that little that i speak of has anything to do with anyone other than myself. I'm praying for you all, and hope that the Christmas season finds you well..

Yours truly