Marathon and Such

babyHey everybody! Well it's Sunday afternoon in Iraq, about 4:04 pm and the weather out here has been really windy and coldish. I say coldish because it's not really "cold" it's in the lower 60's. I'm sitting here and listening to Big Dismal. Wow, guys.. such a great band. It's a slow day really, though I got to talk on Aim for a lot of it. We're pretty close to coming home now, just a little more time.

Okay, well after a moment of back thought I realize now that I have very little of literal consequence to report, thought my days has been filled with GREAT emotional events. I figure, if you don't mind terribly I'd tell you about the marathon. I completed it! I finished in 4 hours and 35 minutes. The course for a normal marathon is flat and straight, but the course we had, had slants and rocks, off road, on road.. lol. Read More...

Grandpa Russ reporting in...

I read Lonnie‚Äôs very first posting today and thought I would follow in his footsteps by posting an entry, too. Just remember Lonnie, spring is on the way.¶

Pam and I (Märia‚Äôs mom and dad) just returned from our first-ever cruise. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by doing a 7-day eastern Caribbean cruise. We visited Nassau (Bahamas), St Thomas (US Virgin Islands), and St Martens (Netherlands Antilles). While in our various ports of call we went snorkeling on a coral reef, mountain bike riding, and snorkeling on three ship wrecks. We also enjoyed some of the best food anywhere; we both gained 10 pounds to attest to the quality and quantity of the food.


Lonnie's Post

Well, this is my first post here so bear with me. I never quite know what to say since my life is so much more boring than everyone elses. I go to work and come home and go to work again. So exciting!!

We have a major new task occuring at work. There is a new program coming on line at work. It will have major changes in how TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice) will conduct business. As Extraditions Unit leader, I have been responsible for working with the programmers and helping them to understand how we conduct business so that they can implement our business model into the new program. Believe me, they have picked my brain and I hope I gave them enough information to make a good new model for us. Tomorrow, I get to demonstrate it and train my unit on the new program. Won't that be fun - NOT!! I hope it goes well tomorrow Read More...

Starfish and Sand dollars.

lol this won't be another post like the last one. Well, it's been a bit since I posted, so I figured I'd drop another line to let you guys know that I'm still alive and kicking. Well, alot of people have been breaking their laptops lately so i've been pretty busy out troubleshooting and keeping everyone's connection up. You'd be amazed the problems I see. "it won't turn on!" (it's not plugged in) "I can't recieve emails!" (they have it in 'offline mode') "what's my login name?" (it's your first.last name?!! how can you forget your name?!!) AHHHHHH. Read More...

To the Big Island

We're off to the big island for a couple of days (YEAH!!!) So we probably won't be as accessable. Hope everyone's New Year is going well.
Märia