Did you know if you type "c-section" in Google's images pages the most popular picture is Britney Spears climbing out of a car without underwear where you can see her faint c-section scar? Most are edited with a heart or a kitty or an "oops" covering her so it's "decent." Did you also know that in the year 2005 (when Seporah was born) 30.9% of babies were born via c-section? That's essentially 1 in 3 babies. The WHO recommends the c-section rate be no more than 15%, but because of a lot of factors mostly fear of litigation and malpractice rates as well as the preferring of physicians to practice 9-to-5, our country's not listening. When you think about it, that's a lot of women running around with a laughing smiling face scar on their abdomen. A lot of women unhappy about their bodies. Of course in our culture of photo shopped images of perfect women, can any woman really get through life without some animosity towards their bodies wether they have scars or not. So it's not so much the scars but the robbing of the entrance into motherhood. I get a daily reminder or that when ever I get dressed, it's pretty ugly, every single day. Read More...

The Update from Outer Darkness!!

Well everyone, it's been quite a while since I have posted anything, so I felt that I needed to make myself known again. I have about two months to cover, so I'll start at the beginning and hopefully you all won't be asleep by paragraph two.

Well, work is going okay. Nothing really exciting is going on, just working hard at doing... nothing. I have been negatively counseled twice in the last two months over things that normally go by with a minor scolding. I showed up to Physical Training one morning without shaving and once I was about a minute and a half late. The former of these two offenses would normally be a very bad thing, except it was PT and not work.. One could argue they are one and the same, but such is really not the case. I shave when I shower.. a habit I developed from my father, and naturally I would not shower prior to going to get sweaty, because I'm going to shower afterwards. This makes perfect sense to me, though apparently... I'm in a minority as I was punished for this action. The second one is completely understandable, though it's a rather unsaid rule that you should receive a warning if you haven't made showing up late an issue prior. So.. One more goof up in the next two months, and I'm looking at administrative action against me. Nothing that bugs me in the slightest, mind you.. since I have already received my good conduct medal, and am realistically 8 months away from FREEDOM. (I need all of you to scream this as if you were William Wallace at your screens as you read this.. I did) Read More...


Picture 11
Yep that's right, we are seriously going to outnumber Dad! I thought I'd be disappointed if it wasn't a boy, but actually I'm pretty excited. I still don't know what I'm going to do with my blue layette, whoever has a boy next is going to be in luck. More than a little worried about when Seporah and the new one are teenagers, they are going to get in so much trouble together. But I don't have to worry about circumcision or getting shot in the eye or how much mud can fit inside jean pockets. We can all go shopping and get pedicures and maybe I'll even learn to french braid. So far though, I've got to do all the sex talks, I think that's unfair, Steven should have to do one. Maybe I'll make him do the drugs and alcohol talks.

We're really working on explaining to Seporah about the new baby. I thought she had it down because when I asked where the baby was she would come up and point to my belly. However apparently she doesn't because when Steven asked her where the baby was, she pointed to his tummy. And then this week Seporah and I went to the aquarium with a friend and her 4month old baby. I said "Look at baby Tosh, we have to be gentle with baby Tosh, etc." She looked at baby Tosh and said "Doll."

New site is live!

Heya! The new webpage is live and there are a couple of things we should go over. =)

First of all, there is now a way for everyone else to submit news to Rushing Around. Jason and I originally envisioned Rushing Around as being a place where all our families could keep in touch, submit photos and news and articles and the like. Obviously that hasn't happened and that is really ok. Märia and I and Jason keep the blogs coming in, and Russ comments and we are all happy. =) Read More...