Well, I completed this quarter finally. I don't have my grades yet, but I think I got 2 As.

So I got to go to my first launch Saturday night. A friend from work and I were first in line. Out of the first 5 people, 4 had Nintendo DSs, so we all got to play multiplayer together and it was a lot of fun. We were in line about an hour and a half before GameStop opened up and we could pick up our Wiis. So let me give you some first impressions. Read More...

Okies, all done!

Yeah, I am all done with the move. Heck, most of you didn't even notice! =) That's just how good I am! Okies, well SeporahsCrib isn't back up yet, but give me a day or two, and it will be back up with updates! Read More...

Going down for a bit

I have been paying a disgusting amount for web hosting, largely because I had planned for much more than I have been using. I have been paying roughly $60 every 3 months plus $15 a year for each domain. 4 domains makes that another $60 a year. My new hosting will be about $100 a year and free domains for life. Unfortunately it will take about 3 weeks for the domains to move over to the new server, so it looks like this site and SeporahsCrib.com will be down for about 3 weeks starting whenever they start it. Sorry folks, but we will be back and better than ever. Read More...

Sorry folks

Not that many of you care.

I have been forced to implement a new policy concerning comments. Basically I get too many mortgage, poker and porn spammers on my site to allow anyone to comment. Now you must register on the site to comment.

I would really like more of you to comment though. It makes me feel like someone is actually reading what I write, and cares. You can post a blog here too! All you need to do is click the register link (if you havnt already registered) in the upper right hand of the screen and start a blog! Anyways, the offer is open. Read More...

All Saints Day

What, you don't know what all Saints day is? Of course you don't. Heck, most American's don't even know what All Hallow's Eve is, even though they celebrate it! Here's a hint, it was yesterday... Read More...