The Chicken Dance and Don't Eat Yellow Sand

Well here we are again. It's a Tuesday morning and I've already run around doing the chicken dance. (This is where I run around trying to figure out what in the world is going on! So now that I have completed said dance, my quota for dancing is over and I can calm down to write more on my short story and write alittle here, so that you all know I am still alive. Read More...


So the earthquake just 10 miles west of the Big Island was a 6.5 earthquake, about 200 miles from us at 7:07 this morning. I'd say it woke us up, but I'd been up for over 3 hours (knew I should have gotten some benadryl somewhere). It's also been crazy rain here for about a week and then there was no electricity and boy was it fun. No fatalities, however there is a missing soldier in Steven's group (please exchange the word 'missing' with 'lazy and not answering the phones'). So it's all good, this would number 2 earthquake that I remember vivadly. Talk later,
Märia


And we're all ok, just an update.

October Iraq Update

Hey everyone,
Well, another week has passed and we enter into the month of October. Has anything changed? Well I've moved, I'm still working with the same guy. He's a real easy guy to get along with and I think on some level he considers me a friend. We don't really hang out but we laugh about the same stuff.. (usually how stupid the people we work for are (-: ) We had a guy come in just a few days ago with a laptop to be fixed. He said the thing doesn't power up and then we plugged it in and it loaded right up. So we gave it back to him and told him it wasn't broken. The next day he comes back with it and demands that we fix it. So we took it in the other room waited about two minutes and then came back out and plugged it in for him.. showing that it was working. He says.. "you guys are amazing.' And takes it with him. Click "more" to read the rest... Read More...

First Assignment for Speech Class

Well, my first assignment for Speech class is complete, and I thought I would post it up here for you to see. The assignment was to do a 2-4 minute speech introducing myself. I gave the speech at work in front of 7 guys I work with, but there were so many distractions that we had to refilm the vid for my instructor. Telephones and pagers and such. Anyways, here is what I have submitted to my instructor for my first grade. I will keep you posted when I get my grades. =)