320 Days Since Last fatal Accident

Whenever you go onto a military base or post, there is this sign that says how many days it's been since that base's last fatal accident. I'm not exactly sure why they post this, it's not talking about the "War in Iraq." No what those signs are talking about is the last time some stupid 18 year old brand new single soldier got really drunk and crashed his vehicle into a wall and killed himself. Now if the post makes it to 100 days, all the soldier's get a holiday for not being stupid (actually Steven doesn't because he has shift work, but that's besides the point). In the 6+ years I've seen these signs I don't think I've ever seen it go above about 120. What happens a lot is the soldiers get their holiday at 100 days and then they do something stupid during that point and it goes all the way back down to 0. The lowest I've seen was 11 days, where it promptly went back to 0. You might think I'm sadistic, but everytime I see this sign go back to 0 I start laughing. All I can think is good, one more stupid soldier down, only about 500,000 to go.

This last time however, the sign didn't go back to 0 at 11 or 120, no it just keeps on going up. Yesterday, I looked and it was at 320! You might think it's because soldiers are getting smarter, but no unfortunately they're not, they're just all being sent overseas. Holy cow, I keep wondering what would actually happen if it reaches 365, a whole year without a stupid soldier killing themselves on base. Maybe the base would get a whole week holiday (that should cause the number to go back to 0 at least once). Read More...


Daddy had just gotten home from work this morning and needed to sleep. So Seporah and I went to Wal-mart. Seporah was having a difficult time staying in the cart (she always does, she just wants to be a-moving). I took her out and we just went walking around. A friend I knew from church said hi and we chatted for a couple of minutes and then I turned around and there was no Seporah. I looked and looked, especially in the clothes carts because she likes to play in those, but I couldn't find her. I was like oh no, I don't even know what to do. I stopped some employee and she said to go to customer service. So I went to customer service and totally interrupted an employee and customer at the desk (for which I got nasty looks). The lady said what's her name, we'll overhead page her. "No, no, she's 1 1/2, she won't answer to it! She's in a blue shirt and khaki shorts!" Then some guy came up and said there was a girl in McDonald's. I ran over there and sure enough there she was eating animal crackers like nothing was the matter, I think she was also asking for some french fries. So she's alive and well. Needless to say it was significantly more traumatic for me than her. Read More...

Toddler Kisses

So my last 12 hour shift until after Felicity's born turned into a 13 hour shift with no lunch break and only 3 potty breaks. I was hungry, thirsty, physically and mentally tired and felt like my belly and legs were going to fall off. I got home and went to pick up Seporah from the sitter's. She was so excited ad I got a Hi! Hi! Hi! Then a great big hug and 3 kisses. The sitter got a Bye! Bye! Bye! and hand waves. It's really cool to be a toddler's best friend sometimes. Read More...

Swim Diapers

So as I get more and more pregnant, I get more and more uncomfortable and about the only place I don't feel like I'm gonna fall apart is the water. We end up going to the pool everyday, it's way easier than the beach and bigger than the bathtub. One thing I don't particularly care for is the swim diapers. Now you can't put babies in regular diapers when swimming, one because it's against the rules most places but mostly because two, diapers in water get really nasty, they hold all the pool water, get huge and weigh about 3 pounds in the first 10 seconds and if they pop, well you're in for a nasty pool clean up with all that diaper cotton floating everywhere.

So we have to buy these swim diapers that don't come cheap. It's a package with 11 in them that cost $7. Ouch, and when you're going swimming everyday that's a double ouch. But the real kicker is they don't hold in urine, that's right there's lotsa baby urine in the pool (as well as kid and probably adult urine). They're really for holding in poop, usually you only go swimming for 30-60minutes anyways and in that timeframe babies don't usually poop. So you've spent all that money for nothing. I don't think before the last week that Seporah has used them (meaning pooped in them) but twice and it's not because we don't swim either.

Now I don't know what is going through my daughter's head, maybe she's getting ready for potty training and she decided the pool was the best place to go, but in the last week she has pooped 3 times in these swim diapers. Yuck, and poopie swim diapers are about the grossest thing to clean up because it gets all runny from the water. And you have to pull apart the sides and let this runny poopie mess go everywhere, we usually hold her over a trash can. This is just another example of the things you don't know anything about before you have kids. It's pretty gross. I hope you didn't read this post while eating breakfast. Read More...


I often say if I were President I'd make 9 out of 10 fast food restaurants go away. Steven's reading over my shoulder and saying that's stupid government involvement, but oh well, I like my government involved. I say having so many fast food restaurants takes away valuable tax money. So many fast food restaurants helps increase the obesity rate in America, increasing the many, many health problems of Americans, using up tax money to pay for treatments that these Americans caused themselves, which is why I'll probably never work with adults in nursing, they cause their own health issues. But anyways I'm getting off topic.

When I say 9 out of 10 fast food restaurants, people look at me funny and say, why not all of them. To which I say that fast food actually does have a purpose sometimes. Last night was one of those times. I had worked all day and hardly eaten anything (not good at 7 months pregnant) and Steven had literally been awake 36 hours working. Yeah we were both starving and Wendy's drive through sounded pretty good. I got a loaded baked potato, a caesar salad and a chocolate frosty. It was good. And as I was eating it, all I could think was this is so wrong. It's kinda like a vegetarian who goes and has a piece of chicken. Read More...

Response to Jason and Steven

I assumed, like probably most people, that breastfeeding in public has become more and more accepted by the general public as time as gone on and people have become less clothed. However I was wrong actually. Our society has grown less tolerant of breastfeeding public as formula companies has increased their hold on people's minds that bottle feeding is better and Barbie and others have sexualized the breasts in the public's eyes. In movies if women are breastfeeding during historical times they are covered up, but come on it's the movies, that's not really the way it was. You can look at older photographs to realize that women breastfeed whenever and wherever they pleased because it was indeed normal and natural.

Besides breastfeeding with a blanket is truly hot and uncomfortable and the kid's gonna bat it away anyways because they're suffocating under it.

(blankets added by Steven)

1898, no blanket there
circa 1930s, no blanket there
no blanket here
1936, no blanket
And of course, WWJD? He'd breastfeed without a blanket over his head. Read More...

Pt test routine

Ok, here is what I do before a pt test, normally. 3 days prior, I start watching what I eat. I spend roughly an hour in the sauna, sweating off weight, in half hour increments. 2 days prior I eat VERY little, cut back my water consumption by perhaps half, and spend another hour in the sauna, again in half hour increments. I also take a double dose of laxatives before I go to bed, and coat myself in Preparation H and wrap my abdomen in cellophane. The next morning (day before the pt test) I wake up, take the cellophane off (water weight just washing off of me, this REALLY works) and deal with the consequences of the nights laxative. I then take more laxative. =) 2 hours today in the sauna (these are all approximates). No food today whatsoever. (click through to read the rest) Read More...

Whatever happened to business owner's rights?

What does government do better than the private sector? Honestly. Think about it. First thing that will come to mind is probably the military. But come on... I really doubt that the conflict in Iraq would still be going on if a private sector business with half of the resources and half of the manpower had been allowed to fight the war, free of the constraints of Washington politics, political correctness and illogical rules of engagement. But I am starting this off incorrectly. Click Read More... to finish this rant. Read More...