Well believe it or not people actually come to our website. Imagine that, some of them don't even know who we are! So here's kind of who we are (BTW our last names' are Rushing, so rushingaround.com is a funny, haha...ha...yeah).

Steven Rushing

I am a jack of some trades. I: Design webpages (although this one comes with RapidWeaver), Write, Teach (at church!), Game (Wii and DS currently), Read (OSC all the way!) and try to keep up with the news through my overstocked feed reader and talk radio. I am husband to Märia and Daddy to Seporah and Felicity.

Märia Rushing

I am the woman of the website and supposedly add the potpourri and lace here. I'm currently working double full time. One job as a Pediatric Registered Nurse. And the other as a Mommy to Terrible Twos Seporah and Colicky Felicity. As well as being a wife to Steven on the side. How do I do it? Well, partly I've lost my sanity and gained the ability to function on no sleep. But mostly I've got a great husband who does half the cooking, half the cleaning and half the child raising. He also gets thoughtful gifts well in advanced of the actual occasion they're meant for. And yes he does have a brother, but he's already taken.

I love reading chick-lit and mommy blogs (when I get the chance) and am a person that constantly has the music on too loud (or at least when 2 little beings I created aren't in the car). Living in Hawaii has made me realize that no one should have to live without Target and the Olive Garden, so understand that if I happen to visit you on the mainland that's on the To-Do List. I wish I had more hours in the day; with my creativity I'm sure I'll be able to figure out how to accomplish this someday. However, with my luck the extra hours will be filled with poopy diapers and broken crayons.


Jason Rushing

Hey You!... yes... You!

I'm Jason.. I'm kinda the third wheel of RushingAround. I'm the little brother to Steven, and brother-in-law to Märia, the son of Lonnie, and recent running partner to Russell. I live in South California and am a self-diagnosed internet addict.. :-( I play a few video games and guitar from time to time.. and am almost out of the Marine Corps! YAY!

I am the proud completer of three marathons, and am hoping to complete two more before the end of the year. I'm kinda a goofball, and tend to carry my sarcasm too far. I love food... I'm single... ;-) ;-).. I.. guess I only have one more thing.. it's a quote that you need to take seriously.. Within the meanings of these words you will find and lose yourself... take them and apply to every aspect of your life.. "Rubber ducky... You're the one.."