4 years...

Well it seems today is our wedding anniversary, 4 years can you believe it? It's been a pretty good 4 years. So for our anniversary, Steven went to the gas chamber...*pause for hesitant chuckles* Well actually he did, but it was for work (nothing to do with me). I spent the day cleaning, you can actually see our living room floor, holy cow.

So I stuck myself with a dirty needle at work (dirty meaning it had touched someone else's blood). Never done that before. When I did, my first thought was Oh My God, I'm gonna get Hepatitis. Kinda funny I didn't think Oh My God I'm gonna get HIV. I felt really stupid about it until I went and talked to the Occupational Health Nurse who said 2 weeks ago another nurse got stuck the same way I did with thte same patient. Don't worry though, the patient was pretty low risk, and even if she wasn't low risk, the probability of me getting anything is pretty small. It was pretty shocking all the same. I practice safe needle procedures to the T so I didn't think I'd ever stick myself, however this particular needle doesn't have safety features and the patient jumped.

Oh dear, Seporah just said it was time for me to finish and take care of her, talk later, M‰ria