My new schedule

Well, it is pretty nasty.† Everyone decided to take leave in June, and those that didn't take leave are away at various military schools.† To make things worse, we lost 2 soldiers to another team!† So personnel are low and hours are high.† Here is my new schedule:

I (and everyone else on shift work) work EVERY weekend 24 hours alternating Saturdays and Sundays (I am going to have to ask to be released from my teaching calling).† If I work 24 on Saturday, I am off Friday, If I work Sunday, I am off Monday.

Other than that, I work EVERY weekday 9 am to 9 pm, plus pt from 630-730 (which means I leave the house by 530 to drive forever away to Fort Shafter, and I don't get home until 815 or so).

Really, really nasty.