Happy birthday to me!

Okies, so it's not my birthday, that was the 7th. I had a great birthday. We started out by opening presents in the morning. I got serenity the movie (i reviewed it and it is great!), and american mormon (funny if you are lds, will just confuse you if you arn't) on dvd. We had a decent breakfast (taquito's, made by me) and then we ran off to atlanta.

In atlanta we stopped first at the Great Harvest Bread Company. They make the best bread you will ever eat. Probably the most expensive bread you will ever pay for, but well well worth it. =) We got the Popeye (spinach and peppers) and Tomato herb bread. Oh yeah, and the Pecan Swirl. Märia just ate the last piece. All three great loaves of bread.

From there we went to check out the Apple Store! We browsed about for awhile and I came out with a new remote control for my Mac courtesy of Grandma Pam for my birthday! Many thanks and lots of love to Pam, the remote works great. M‰ria especially likes being able to change the volume or switch songs or movies when Seporah is in her lap. =)

In the mall with the Apple Store, there was a carousel and Märia, Seporah and I took our first Carousel ride together. =) Pictures coming soon to a website near you...

From there we took Pam to her hotel and ate dinner and generally chatted and had fun. Pam picked up some cake and I had birthday cake! =) Super fun birthday.

Yesterday we took Seporah to her first movie. We went to see flightplan at the second run theatre. She was super good and didnt make a sound, even though she was awake for lots of it. We just have a great baby!