And it's only getting warmer...

Well today I was in a movie...or at least it kinda felt like it.

Josh, Seporah, and I were driving home from the post office when a huge accident happened right in front of us. We almost got in the accident ourselves but Josh told me to stop. A Honda Civic was shredded and flipped around 180 degrees and a red Toyota Tacoma engulfed in flames (literally). So we pulled over to help and this huge Polynesian guy pulled another guy out of the burning truck and then we kinda got him away from the truck, which was leaking gas which was burning down the highway (someone else stoppped it by throwing dirt in it's way).

Josh got to call 911 for the first time and tell the fire department where we were (he had to figure it out, he said 'somewhere on H2, look for smoke').I'm not exactly sure how the people made it out alive. The guy who was pulled from the truck had a severely broken arm, I have never seen an arm bent the way his was. The radius (a bone in your forearm) was sticking out from the elbow and the wrist. I sat there and talked to him (Josh said I was yelling), trying to calm him down and keep him from going into shock. I gave him the once over and was pretty sure there wasn't any massive internal bleeding (causing hypovolemic shock) but psychologically, well don't ask me how psychological shock works, I just don't get it, it makes no sense to me. The other guy just cried and cried (who could blame him).

Another guy stopped, not to help, but to take pictures on his cell phone. I yelled at the guy big time to put his phone away and help. Unfortunately he wasn't any at all.

So the flames were like 20 feet in the air, all the tires exploded, the bumper melted and well it was really done for. The other car was smashed and shredded, spewed out on the road. It was crazy and my heart was pumping the whole time, I was so worried someone was going to be seriously injured and I was the only medical person who stopped to help. Hello, I'm not an EMT, an ER nurse, an ICU nurse or trauma anything, I work in a pretty stable environment (compared to what was going on anyways), if anything had been serious I don't have a clue what I'd do. At least Josh got to mail his coconut to Natalie.