So we're touring around still...

Well we now know why Polynesians have a little more fat deposits in general as compared to other people. Food in Hawaii is wonderful. We've eaten Japanese sushi, Korean gyoza, Italian pasta, Hawaii delicacies (except for poi and spam, we stayed away from that :), gourmet pizzas (for those of you that know me know I don't really eat pizza and I ate these) and others, and everything is great. I don't think we would have gone to so many restaurants except for the fact we're living in a hotel and get tired of microwave dinners. Everything we've eaten here is well above average (Actually there is one exception a Chinese restaurant that had to have served the worst food ever, but we won't go back there). So we've got the low down on food here and I've come to grips with no Olive Garden on Oahu.

We've also been all over the island. No, we haven't quite made it to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Mostly because I'm waiting to get a Hawaiian license so I can get the resident price (which is signficantly cheaper). But we will, actually that was the first tourist place I wanted to go to and figured we go there in the first week or so until I saw how much it was, so I said I could wait a couple months. I think that was the best memory of Hawaii when we were younger (except for maybe Russell getting his head sliced open ;). But we have been to the Dole plantation, Waikiki, other beaches, the Lai'e Temple, Poli Lookout, the Bishop Museum, a touristy mall and a non-touristy mall and a few other places. Steven wants to go see the USS Arizona Memorial but it's the most visited place on Hawaii (the Polynesian Cultural Center is the most visited place that you have to pay for) and apparently if you don't go to get a ticket before 8am or so, you won't get in there's that many people wanting to see it. If I'm repeating from previous posts, sorry, I can't remember what I've already said about being here.

We went to our ward's Chili Cook-off last night and I am continued to be amazed at the organizational skills of the people in our ward. The winner got a huge basket of goodies that were all donated from various places (movie passes, chocolates, etc). And I was like dang, I don't cook, but maybe I should start. Steven and I are really enjoying the ward, everyone is very welcoming and friendly . Unfortunately today during church I didn't hear much. Seporah ate 4 different times in 3 hours and I just was like man that is just my chunky monkey. Hopefully that means another growth spurt. Steven said he was playing with this 4 month old yesterday and she was much smaller than Seporah (she's 2 1/2 months) and he was amazed. To which I said, yes, darling, our little girl is a very big girl. We like her that way, she's nice and healthy and super strong. Actually we were holding her hands and she was able to stand on her legs for like 10 seconds. No, we weren't holding her, she was doing it. We were like go Seporah. She rolled over once a couple weeks ago, but she's only done that once, and it wasn't one purpose.

We had the inspector come to our condo and check things out this week. It all looks good, we might even be able to close and move in a few days before March 31st. I hope so. It was so much fun to be there again, Steven and I were like wow, this going to be ours. Like little kids in a candy shop (or mommies in a chocolate shop :). We got a bunch of paperwork about the condo complex and only 42% of people who live in them are the owners, so most other people use the condos as an investment property. We'd been thinking about doing that later on down the road. But anyway the amount of renters in the place was much higher than we thought it would be and we didn't know if that was bad for investment purposes. Who knows (probably realtors, I know).

So all in all life is good. About the worst thing in life right now is the lack of a stove and Seporah not sleeping very well at night, but we think those both'll be remedied when we move. Oh! and not getting any of our mail. We've been here 4 days shy of a month and have not recieved 1 piece of mail, ouch... We're trying to get that remedied but if you've sent us something and we haven't said something that's why. Oh and we're completely out of minutes on our cell phones too, so if you don't have Verizon please either call us on the weekends or wait until the 17th or email us. When you go over minutes it's BAD on Verizon. Actually email is wonderful for us to get the message across. Steven checks it like 4 times a day, we're always getting email there (, hopefully the days of paper mail will draw to a close in the next few years. Well scratch that thought I like paper mail too, just not all the junk mail.

Well Seporah's ready to play, so I'll talk later,