I thought I would do a quick page of quotables, and we can update as needed.† =)

Märia: "Where are the bunny waves?"

Story: We were talking about getting surfing lessons, and I said we didn't need lessons, it was just like skiing.† She said she had never been skiing.† I said, I know you havn't but I mean we can learn like I learned to ski, I didn't need lessons.† I just went to the bunny slope and went up and down until I stopped falling.† To which she replied, Where are the bunny waves?† =)

Steven: "A mall by definition is a circle."

Story:† I can get around ok on this island.† I know how to get to Pearl Harbor, and around Mililani, and from one side of the island to the other.† I can get to Waikiki, up north to where the PCC and Temple are at and to Fort Shafter and The Pink Palace on the Hill.† But I am notorious for my inability to get out of a mall, facing the right direction to get home.† So I was trying to explain why I have such a hard time figuring out how to get out of a mall, and my mind was going blank. I was trying to explain that there are so very many exits from a mall, and normally between 3-5 different roads bordering a mall.† I have a hard time figuring out which way is home with so many choices and of course we never park in the same area or leave the same way.† But all that could come out of my mouth while I was brain fried, trying to get out of the mall was:† "A mall by definition is a circle".† =)

M‰ria: "I can't turn the island upside down!"

Story:† When you look at a map up is North, left is West, right is East and down is South. We live in the middle of the island and to get most anywhere (except for the North Shore) you have to go South. I know Waikiki is to the left of us, so I would go Highway 1 West, when in reality I needed to go Highway 1 East. In my mind the island is like a map, but going South is going North. I said this one morning of it taking an hour and a half to get to work after 2 wrong turns and a lot of traffic.