Well, here goes...

Since we've had multiple requests for our new address, here it is:
95-2040 Waikalani Pl #E405
Mililani, HI 96789
However, please remember we will not be moving in until around the 1st of April.

I took Seporah to her well baby check up this morning and she is a big girl. 14pounds, 11ounces. That's above the 95th percentile. I actually thought she was bigger than that, even though that is big. We've been using size 3 diapers which are for 16-24pound babies and they fit her pretty well (Guess she's just chunks around the middle, I like her that way though). So I guess I'm feeding her pretty well (boy is that ever a full time job). She does have super sensitive skin, even for a baby. We confirmed that. Because when you touch her, she turns red, even if it's just a light touch. And she has a diaper rash that's been there since the day after she was born (and yes we have tried everything we can to get rid of it).

I'm working at getting a job at Tripler Army Medical Center. I'm guessing I'll start work the first week of April or so. Little nervous since I haven't worked since October 24th (wow, talk about your Maternity Leave, that's 5 months). Steven's also working on getting a second job. He wants to work at Apple! He's wanted to for a long time, but now he's got a schedule where he can actually do it.

Still working on house paperwork. Man we're ready for it. We're counting down the days...15 days...Hey! It's St. Patrick's Day! I better find some green, I'm not wearing any!

I'll post later, M‰ria