Aloha! From Hawaii! We have made it here safe and sound (or at least weíve made it here). Seporah was absolutely wonderful for the 10 hour plane ride. We were really worried about that, but she had 2 little crying spells that lasted for less than 5 minutes that werenít even that bad. After the plane ride we had like 20 people say what a good baby she was. So I was like YEAH! It wasnít bad at all (sorry to all those who have had bad plane ride experiences with their babies, especially if we were the babies).

We arrived in Honolulu and were promptly called by my new team chief, Sgt Aslin. Our bags had arrived on an earlier flight, so we didnít even have to wait on them, they were waiting on us! Check this, I didnít even have to go to a replacement/reception battalion. I signed straight into the unit off leave. And then we hit the first snag of this whole move.

Some of you might remember us complaining of the $200 motel rooms in Augusta when we arrived during Masters Golf Tournament week (we stayed in Atlanta by the way). Well, we did it again. We arrived the week of ìThe Great Aloha Runî. Apparently people fly here from the other islands and from all over the world this week to run around the island. Thatís right. They pay an arm, leg and kidney in airfare and motel rooms to RUN. I GET PAID TO RUN! And they are spending bookoo! I just donít understand it. =)

So there were no motel rooms open, we swear, on the entire island. We looked, we called, Sgt Aslin called, the unit called and people at Schofield Inn called. A lot of people calledÖ So we spent our first night in condemned single soldier barracks which are scheduled to be torn down in a couple of years. They put us in the room they stored mops and cleaning supplies in, so it smelled like wet mop and mold. Only 2 lights in the 3 bedroom place worked (bathroom light and kitchen light). All the light bulbs had been cannibalized by soldiers for the other rooms. And our warm reception by Sgt Aslin complete with flowery leis was added to by 7 or 8 inebriated single soldiers who barged into our room and cooed (drunkenly) over Seporah and gave us parenting advice. I finally was able to herd them out after about 15 minutes and we checked and double checked that the door was locked.

The next morning it was revealed that at least one of those soldiers had complained to the First Sergeant about a married couple being in their barracks! Seriously. So Sgt Aslin and the First Sergeant pushed to get us into the first open slot at Schofield Inn. It took awhile but we did get in. So we are staying in the hotel we should be in for a couple of months or until we buy our place.

So all in all our first 24 hours in Hawaii were quite an adventure and we didnít even see any sharks. Hopefully when you visit your first 24 hours will be just the same =).

Märia and Steven

Pictures to come...