Hello All

I thought I would tell what's going on in here since it looks like I haven't written in a while. I did write a post when we had the other style website, but it got deleted somehow. So life here is good. Mostly a lot of Seporah and Mommy time, which is 99% of the time lots of fun. Seporah's so easy going and happy that it's all good according to her. She's been tetthing the last week and a half. I thought she'd have a tooth by now, but that's not the case. Sorry about the lack of pictures, but in case you hadn't heard, I lost the camera (I am so mad at myself).

Steven almost has his Associate's Degree, he'll have it by the end of August we think, so he's looking on where to go for his Bacherlor's. Exciting stufff. Although with his work schedule it doesn't look like he can attend an actual sit down college, he'll continue with online programs. This slims down the choices when you get to the Bachelor's level. I'd like to go back as well, but I'd have to go to an actual sit dowen college. It would only take 5 part-time quarters, but with working as well I would be gone a lot. So we think I'll wait until Steven gets out of the military. Then maybe University of Hawaii Manoa. Nursing School is much tougher then nursing. I think it's probably the only degree where the schooling is tougher than the job. Maybe not, but there's always these jokes about college kids getting out and having free time. Which is true in nursing. I go to work, work and then I come home.

That's about it, I'll write later, Märia