Update on the move...

Just a quick update on our move to Hawaii.† I am going to be stationed in Kunia Tunnel, just south of Schofield Barracks, Just north of the Honolulu Airport.† I will be with the 30th Signal Bn, 369 Signal Company, working in a strategic (read - nondeployable stationary site) satellite communications facility.† I already have a sponser who will run me through inprocessing and give me rides until our vehicle arrives on the boat.†

M‰ria and I will be buying a condo to live in while we are there.† We are excited to purchase our first place, and already have a century 21 representative standing by to show us around.† It is really exciting!

One last thing... I wanted to give one more pointer over towards Seporah's new site.† Really peoples, all the excitement is over there nowadays.† =)† SeporahsCrib.com