Health care politics

I was listening to a radio show and heard some disturbing news. Apparently some very OLD news. The city of San Francisco is paying for city employee's sex changes as a normal part of medical benefits. They called it a civil right! It is costing something like $40000 for hes wanting to be shes, and $80000 for shes wanting to be hes. And that is just the procedure! You have to tack on hormones and counseling and therapy and the list goes on. Click more to read the rest...

This trend is gaining ground (slowly) among cities and more quickly among public and private insurances across America. The American people are being taxed to pay for masochistic procedures for perverts!

But back to the story. As I heard this, what was the first thing that popped into my head? A couple of weeks back I was reading on religious ceremonies and such (I was taking a world religion class in college) and the subject of the hour was circumcision. Cities, government agencies and insurers across the nation are dropping it like hot potatoes, calling it an "elective cosmetic procedure". The average cost of a circumcision is $100.

Now the cynical among you will argue that there are perhaps 5000 circumcisions for every sex change, but the argument still holds: how can we start paying for pervert's "elective cosmetic" surgery at 40k a pop and at the same time quit paying for circumcisions? (I am not convinced that the government or social insurances should be paying for circumcisions ANYWAY, but quitting them while starting sex changes is an inexcusable liberal attack on religious Americans.)

My second thought upon hearing this on the radio was of a conversation I overheard and butted into several years back. I once heard a discussion between two women who worked for a Catholic hospital. They were upset because the insurance provided by their Catholic employers did not cover contraceptives. They felt like the hospital was pushing its beliefs off on its employees. You all know I am Mormon. One of these women was also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My response to this argument was: "How would you feel if an employee at a Mormon hospital wanted the insurance that the hospital provided to pay for an abortion?" The only answer I got was "Well that is different, abortion is wrong." How circular is that argument? But this is how liberals think. They forget the freedoms of others. They feel that whatever they want is a right. They feel their freedom for whatever trumps another's freedom to NOT provide that whatever.

The day the liberals force the Catholic hospitals to stop "pushing their beliefs off on their employees" is one step towards forcing Mormon hospitals to provide their employees with elective abortions. And the day THAT happens, we have lost all semblance of freedom of religion in this country.

So put me on the same level as the sexual pervert if you will. I don't believe the government should have to pay for my child's circumcision. But don't tell me that my child's surgery is unnecessary and that the pervert's is a civil right.