Life at Home

Well it seems life at home for me is all about feeding Seporah. No one really tells you how much time breastfeeding actually takes. But she just went down for her 2 hour nap (She only has one of those, the rest are 30 minute naps where she wants to be held or she'll wake up). Usually I take this time to clean or eat but I thought I'd write a post today, Steven can do the dishes :) Debra just came here to visit this weekend, you can visit to see pictures and such with her visit. Seporah also just had her baby blessing yesterday. Actually I'm sitting here and thinking everything I have to say is probably about Seporah, haha. But it's really quite nice. She is a joy and lots of fun. Steven's working on finishing up his classes and we're trying to sell the Kia. Kinda crazy actually, Steven bought the Kia while we were dating so he could drive me on the dates. I complain about it, but the car has memories. I got into a fender bender in it the first time I got behind the wheel when I found out I was pregnant (wasn't quite expecting it). We're also trying to decide what we can and can't live without for 2 months; Steven says he can't live without the iMac, I said I couldn't live without all my clothes :) That's about it, hope all is going well for everyone.