All Saints Day

What, you don't know what all Saints day is? Of course you don't. Heck, most American's don't even know what All Hallow's Eve is, even though they celebrate it! Here's a hint, it was yesterday...

Quick history of Halloween from Wikipedia. All Hallow's Eve is the pagan celebration of the dead. It fell on 31 October, the day they believed that the dead could reenter this world. Large communal bon fires were lit to ward off the evil spirits.

Ill give this to the pagan Celts: At least they were smart enough to want to ward off evil spirits. Now we dress our small children like ghosts and goblins and vampires and zombies and devils.

Last night I went "Trunk or Treating" at the church. Basically a bunch of church members show up at the church, park their vehicles, and pop their trunks which have been specially decorated all scary like. Then then give candy out of their trunks to little kids dressed up in costumes.

Well, let me give you my costume list. I didn't see every costume, but this is what I remember. There were at least 6 children with full face masks. Now most will not have an issue with this (myself included) but it was specifically prohibited at this church function, probably for security purposes. All of these face masks were inappropriate in my opinion, ranging from the Scream murderer to zombies to bloody scary people. There were several kids who came bloodied up. There were at least 5 girls wearing sexy costumes with fishnet stockings, ranging from the slutty nurse to the slutty vampire and slutty policeman (woman - gotta be pc here!). These girls were as young as 10 and as old as 16 (guessing).

We wonder why we have such a pedophilia problem in America today. I was talking to someone just a few days ago and she actually told me that she thinks it isn't ANY worse today, it is just more publicized. I think she is wrong. I think we have a pedophilia problem today because we sexualize our children.

Let me tell you women a secret that every man knows, but most will not admit. When we see a girl in a sexy vampire costume that fits tightly and has fishnet stockings, we LOOK before we look away. Shes sexy whether she is 14 or 40. As our culture tears down the modesty barriers that we put up to protect our children and families, pedophilia and divorce will continue to rise.

In any case, I write this to say that if I can't go to a church function without seeing little boys looking like the corpses from the movies their parents won't let them watch, and seeing little girls look worse than prostitutes, something is wrong. If no one at the church in authority has the intestinal fortitude to tell these children's parents that they are out of line and that they need to take their children home, something is wrong. And I don't want to hear anything about punishing the child for the parents mistake. Thats life.

If I can't deny that inappropriately dressed child candy (and tell them it is because of how they are dressed) because I will embarrass the people I am with, something is wrong.

This is most definitely my last trunk or treat. We shouldn't be celebrating this Celtic pagan holiday to begin with, much less at church.

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