I made weight...

Yep, that means my time is much more mine than it was. I am also only averaging 51 hours a week, which is a major improvement over the 72 I averaged in June.

I have somehow become a youtube addict. YouTube.com is a user driven video service. Users post videos of themselves, things they view, or things from TV. There is a bit of copyrighted material there, illegally, but the best of YouTube is by far the Video Blogs. Very fun, Very addictive. And all I have at work is time, so I can surf YouTube for hours.

But right now SSG Nichols and I are watching A Knights Tale. I must've seen this movie 20 times or so. M‰ria and I watched it several times when we were dating, probably 10 times just there. The only movies I know that I have seen more times than this one would be RAD, The Princess Bride and the first Austin Powers movie (It was on during open hours at the pizza place; I think I may have seen it 200-300 times).

Not much news I guess, but I thought it was worth an update. Oh yeah, congratulations to my Mom for her new webpage and new Mac. She purchased a MacBook and a domain name, DebraPoland.com. The name servers have not yet updated, but by tomorrow or so her webpage should be found there, at DebraPoland.com.