As crazy as things are around here, there really isn't much news...

The movers came and picked up our advance baggage.† That is about 500 lbs of junk that goes to Hawaii via airmail.† It is supposed to arrive within 30 days.† We are finally going to use our last set of dishes we recieved at our wedding reception.† Probably going to just toss the ones we have here.† I think we have 2 half sets we are currently using.† And they have been going fast of late.† We also sent pots and pans and some clothes and our photo printer and other junk.† =)† So even if we wanted to cook, we really couldn't.† Sounds like a good excuse to go to the Olive Garden!† They come back to pack up the rest of the household goods (stuph getting shipped by boat) on Monday.†

I final out (completely out-process) on Wednesday and we fly on Thursday.† 5 days and Counting!† Seporah is getting pretty excited to see Hawaii. We can tell because she eats alot and cries alot.† Not too much Seporah news, kinda slow over at SeporahsCrib.

We are going on our first date tonight, leaving Seporah with a baby-sitter for the first time.† Not quite sure how that will turn out.† But it isn't like the baby-sitter can tell us never again.† =)† Happy Valentines day to all the friends and family who check this place out!