Well, someone must have put in a good word for us with The Big Guy because we have been very blessed lately. Seporah is doing wonderfully. Two nights ago she only woke up twice the whole night. We were so excited, we kinda paid for it last though, she woke up 6 times (and we really can't ignore her being in the same room). However we are very hopeful. She continues to grow bigger and stronger everyday. And we get smiles out the ears (however she still won't do it much for the camera). AND eating time has decreased significantly. Only 20 minutes instead of 60-90 (no lie).

Today we went to our ward for the second time. We are in an awesome ward. Everyone's friendly, we have a ward rooster, we were introduced, got candy, a list of babysitters, inivitation for dinner, and even hugs and kisses (Hawaiians are much more touchy-feely). Today was Testimony Meeting, which went very well. Steven and I also enjoyed Gospel Docturine, Elder's Quorum, and Relief Society. So we're happy to be in this ward for 3 years.

We went again to Waikiki yesterday and that went much better than the lst time. We had Seporah so we only stayed in the water for about 25 minutes and then we went up and down the street (which is filled with about a million shops for those of you don't know). We also went to the Swap Meet at Aloha Stadium and had fun. Everyone only took cash and I think it was a good thing the ATM there was out of money or else we might have been out of money by day's end. We also ate a killer Japanese sushi bar, there are quite a lot of Japanese tourists here as well, so there are lots of places to cater to them and that makes the Japanese food a little more authentic (I think).

That's about it, Seporah's site is updated pretty regularly as well, especially with pictures. Her pictures are way more interesting then the one's we'd have without her. So take a look, link at top.