They're Making a Movie!!!!!

Holy cow! Well some of you may not know this, but at our house Simpsons was the bomb. We all sat down and watched it every night (we didn't watch anything else on tv really, just The Simpsons). And would you believe it, they're finally making a movie!!!! I just had to tell someone, so there we go. I know some of you may be anti-Simpsons, but oh well. Steven wasn't allowed to watch them when he was a kid. But I got all the Seasons on DVD (well 1-7, the ones that are out) and he watched them with me, he thinks they're pretty funny too. Actually in the first 6 seasons I had seen all but 1 episode previously. The one episode I had never seen was apparently banned from television after the first viewing. It made fun of New Orleans and New Orleans got real defensive, so they weren't allowed to show it again (which would explain why I never saw it). The 7th season is where I started tapering off the Simpsons, so I missed like 3 of those episodes, I imagine it's only downhill from there. Especially now, we don't even get Fox. But I don't know what the big deal with New Orleans was, I always thought it was a compliment to get made fun of by The Simpsons. Who knows.