College and Apple

Well, I just posted my introductions on the two classes I start on Monday.† I am taking Internet/Webpage Development I and Introduction to Philosophy.† I am rocking the boat as always.† =)

You see, a basic study of Microsoft Frontpage does not constitute studying webpage development.† That is like teaching Microsoft Word in a creative writing class.† Yes, you can write a book in Word, but learning Word won't teach you to write a book anymore than learning to drag and drop text and multimedia in Frontpage will teach you about web development.

In other news, I applied at the local Apple Store.† The interview went quite well, but I havn't gotten a call back yet.† The manager said that the Human Resources person who interviewed me had to go on leave on very short notice and would get back with me as soon as she returned.† But I think I will probably have a part time job at the Apple Store soon.† =)