Steven in Training

As many of you have read on my blog, I recently completed the 8 mile Great Aloha Run. You can read about my experience there, but to be succinct, crossing the finish line with 20,000 other people was absolutely amazing. It literally had me waxing poetic! (ok, so the poem was a requirement of my creative writing class, and NO, you can't read it=) But seriously though, There is nothing quite like running with so many people, and finishing the race.

So many of you know Jason actually challenged me to run the Rock 'n Roll San Diego Marathon with him. 26.2 miles. Whow. I knew I would need some training. So as a practice run, I did the Great Aloha Run. Roughly 1/3 the distance of a marathon.

Well, in this packet that I was given for the GAR, was a flier for Team in Training. So let me tell you a little bit about Team in Training. Team in Training is a branch of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They research and treat blood cancers like Leukemia, lymphoma and Hodgkin's Disease. Forgive me if my facts or spelling are a little off, I am neither a Doctor nor an English Teacher. =)

Team in Training is made up of individuals who want to train with a group for marathons, triathlons, iron man competitions and other such endurance races/events. Endurance is one of the traits cancer patients must have, or learn, to win their battle against cancer. (you will also need it to finish reading this "quick" write up!) Team in Training gives motivation to athletes (I can call myself that if I finish the marathon can't I? =) along with professional training, weekly group runs and lots of discounts at certain stores, similar to a AAA membership.

What members do (read - me!) is commit to raise money towards cancer research. I have committed to raising $4500 towards the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. This number is not arbitrary. Essentially Team in Training calculates how much money it costs to fly me to San Diego, put me in a hotel 3 nights, feed me 3 days, register me for the race, and put on weekly training events until the race (June). Then it multiplies that number by 4, so that you know that 75% of all money donated goes straight to Cancer Research.

I am not hurting for money. Märia and I could easily pay to get to San Diego and stay in a hotel (and we planned to! We will still be paying her way). But this is a way for me make a difference to a child with leukemia. This is a way that we can join together and make a difference. In the past 30 years we have gone from 20% survival rate among new leukemia patients to 80%. With more research and treatment, we can cure cancer. People have been saying that for years. Only time and money can make it a reality.

Many of you know that I recently lost my Grandmother to cancer. It was a very different cancer, but I know the pain that families who care for cancer victims go through. I hope to run to ease that pain. 26.2 miles. Really, hundreds and hundreds of miles in preparation for that 26.2 miles.

Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance the Society's mission.
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