By Request...

The Return of Ron Paul Balloon Girl, Swingin', Chuck E Cheese and Decorating the Christmas Tree!

This is a longer video... 16 minutes, so find a comfy place to sit before you start! =)

Edit: Actually I ended up cutting it into 3 individual movies. Enjoy!


Spaghetti Seporah and Balloon Girl


Felicity First Day Video

6 minute video. About 20 seconds of breast feeding in there (no nipple). It is amazing to see the last minute, the difference in how Seporah treats Felicity, the best part! =)


Apple Video

Okies, So we bribe our daughter to learn new words. Sue us. =)


A New Way to Show Boring Home Videos!!!

So we no longer have a still camera due to it getting knocked around....a lot, insert cute toddler fingers. But Dad did get a video camera that's meant to take quick videos for youtube. I've never been one for youtube, but it's pretty easy. Note that there are several videos in this player, when the first video is over, you can select from the others.


Two Mentos Peas

Dad got a new toy: