Jason's Thoughts

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.. and other nonsense that no one really believes

Well.. it's been quite a while since I've talked to all of my adoring fans.. so I figured I'd tell all of you why that is. Unfortunately.. I lost them all in the trunk of my car which looks like a toddler's toy room when left to her own devices. There is SOO much going on over here in my life and I guess I can go ahead and let you in on the first bead in the string of events which will eventually alter the entire way I live my life.

First, I am taking English.. and it's kicking my butt. I'm currently two weeks behind and I'm about to do my regular corner cutting to catch up.. This should be a very interesting two weeks coming up.

Second, Next weekend I am flying up to Oregon to meet up with the guys I've been playing video games with over the last 5 years. Some of which I went to highschool with, but most have been added in the meantime. They do this every year, but this will be the first (and probably the last) year I will ever be able to attend.

Okay.. well that's what I've been busy with kinda.. but this is the REAL secret. You all have to swear to keep it an absolute secret.. even though I know no one who bears the last name Rushing is capable of doing that. So this should shock no one :-). I'm asking Sarah to marry me. This decision and those ensuing afterwards has been an adventure I'd love to share with all of you, but it has to wait til the due time. I obviously can't tell all of you the way I intend to propose, as Sarah might read it, and it would ruin the surprise. But let me tell you about the first step in this adventure, and I will tell you about the finding the ring another time.. (after I've proposed, so I can show you pictures and such).

I am thrilled about this development and am eager to see how in the world I'm going to kickstart this life when I get back to Texas with my wife. Feel free to advise me on the whole furniture adventure..

:-( - getting all the things you need as a married couple.

Next episode:

Asking the Father's blessing


Transitional Periods for Transitional People create Transcendental Thought and Throw up

Well.. Too all my adoring fans, I say hello once again. It has been quite a while since I have put my fingerprints on the webpage, and for that I apologize profusely. I am thrilled to be an Uncle the second time, and everyone should definitely buy diapers for Seporah's big #2 coming up a couple of weeks! That is.. for Felicity ;-). I imagine Steven is probably spending an expansive amount of time trying to make his oldest handle this aspect of her life on her own. Good luck, Brother!

Well.. it's my favorite month again, and it has brought me to a mild state of anxiety. I am currently taking Humanities 101 and this Art History course is really kicking my butt. Mostly because I'm doing all 8 weeks of it in one week, thanks to conflicting Liberty University and Uncle Sam's Misguided Children (USMC.. haha I made a funny) policy. USMC states that I can not get out of a class due to field activity if they were not made aware of the class before hand (aka.. if they didn't pay for it). Liberty University states that I can not drop a class after the first 10 days OF that class. Well.. I was in Yuma for the entirety of this class, and I only logged in once... to tell my instructor that I couldn't complete the course and needed to be dropped. So.. I didn't get dropped and I'm stuck with the idea that I have to finish the course and pay for it out of pocket.. and get credit for it. Or I can not finish the course, pay for it out of pocket, and not get credit for it. So I took a week of leave and did nothing but work on it full time, and have almost completed it now, and I will pay for it out of my GI Bill... and get credit for it!

Okay.. scary thought.. There is a girl in my life. I promise, I will NOT keep you posted. I drive Maria and Steven crazy with excessive amounts of this kind of information so I will spare all of you details. But.. it is kinda nice :-). I promise... You'd all like her.

Well.. I know what you're all thinking... How much longer until you are no longer a Misguided Child.. NEVER! I will always be a Misguided Child!! But I won't be Uncle Sam's anymore come April the 15th. Four more months, and my 5 year enlistment.. is over. *cues Angelic singing*

So what's next? No idea.. :-( I could stay in California over the summer and goto a Junior College, or I could go back to Texas for the Summer and stay with dad and goto Temple College. I could go straight from here to Lynchburg, Va where I have been accepted at Liberty University, and I have to give them an answer about that by March 1st. I could goto UMHB back in Temple, or Cal State here in California. I could goto Point Loma Nazarene College, or possibly Biola..

A very distant but APPEALING idea might be to go to college with Pete in Northern Arizona.. and I really do like this idea. We could be roomates again, and the college itself seems very appealing as a central ground between Texas, and California. I could travel back and forth easily and see those I care about in both directions. I don't know.. give me advice about college.. because I don't know anything :-(

I have so many decisions to make.. I just think I'm going to vomit due to stress sometimes.. lol

Keep me in your prayers.. and I promise you will be in mine.


How to Start Your Own Private Eye Agency

I know that several of you at home have been feeling that your lives are simply not action filled like you always thought they would be. Well why not become your neighborhood/city private investigator? I mean someone has got to do it right? So here are all the ingredients required to do this:

A tree house... preferably centrally located in the center of your 1a school town.
Two mini notepads that can fit in your back pocket and a few pens.. This is for clue taking.
The complete series of the Hardee Boys.. This is ESSENTIAL! Try and have a little brother, that way this financial burden is not completely on you.
A partner/side-kick/little brother. Very convenient if it is a sibling, as when you need to compare clues you can just walk down the hallway.

Okay.. now just find some mystery to solve. A good one would be to wait til your dog disappears..

Okay, you are all ready, go have fun being a private eye!!

Breakdown in America

Okay.. So I got to go back to Oceanside this last weekend, which was a good break from desert life and I enjoyed the opportunity to spend some time with some of the people who are close to my heart. So I was supposed to meet up with everyone at about 1 so we could all drive back together and be back here in Yuma by 6.. but the guys who took the van were two hours late, so I ended up waiting for them in the parking lot for about two hours before we finally got on the road to head back here. Now about half way between San Diego and Yuma, the van breaks down.. :-) So we sat on the side of the road for about an hour and a half waiting for theguys from Yuma to come retrieve us, and during the wait something odd happened. A state patrolman came up behind us and offered to 'PUSH' the van to the next gas station so we could wait in more safe and comfortable condtions. We give him the okay, and he put his grill to our back bumper and pushes us two maybe three miles to the next shell station. First of all, I'd like to state I've never ever heard of this happening before and am THRILLED that it did.. primarily because there happened to be Subway there :-), but also because the cars passing us were only about a foot away from the van and were going between 80 and 90. Secondly, I wonder if there are some legal liabilities if we had been hit while he pushed us.. or he accidently pushed us off the very steep embankment to our right. I imagine that there would be, which I think is why I have never heard of a policeman pushing a car to an advantageous position, rather than instantly calling a tow truck. I recently heard a story that happened on the east coast, with a doctor who witnessed a bar fight, and used a tracheotomy on the spot to save one of the combatants lives. Apparently one had crushed the other's windpipe (or something) with a pool stick. The Doctor reacted quickly, sterilized his steak knife and cut open his thoat using the head of his pen to hold the air way open. Twenty minutes later the ambulance finally arrives and those on the scene proclaimed he would have died had the doctor not acted. The man sued the doctor, not because of an infection, which there was none, but because the doctor had consumed a level of acohol, which might have put his life at risk. What in the world... who does this?! We in America need to embrace heroes like this.. men who go out of their way to help others, not stab them in the back just because we are able to. I'm kinda interested in what Maria thinks about that scenario (which I'm not sure is a real case, but I have no doubt that in America it could happen).

1/2 Yuma, 1/3 Army blinkage, 1/6 self proclimation and finger pointing

Hello Hello.. I interrupt this message of parenthood with small insignficant details regarding the life of recently desert-ed, Jason Rushing.

I would like to note that there is a distinct - between Desert and the ED part of the word. This is so as not to confuse you with the idea I might have recently been broken up with, evicted, or left entirely by myself. Now you just have to wonder if I've been given a sweet, tasty treat or if I've been brought out to where there is lots of beach and lack of water. Those of you 'in the know' should easily figured out that the correct answer was actually the latter. I am currently in the Yuma Proving Grounds in the desert of Arizona. I am happily hiding away from my parent command for a month here testing out some new vehicles the Army will be using in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom 15-2. Unfortunately due to some kind of secrecy form I unwittingly signed during a medical exam earlier in my career, I can not discuss this any further.

To spend a mere second bringing you up to date I will cover July to October in a few sentences. Was late to work, and got threatened to lose my BAH. Went on vacation with Breanna and saw Ashley up in Wyoming.. stopped by and saw Julie on the way home. She's just as cute as ever. On the way there I ran the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge marathon.. and moaned and cried for days, in which Breanna made fun of me for. I went to the Rifle range and got kicked off because admin marines can't count... darn asvab waivers! Got slated to goto Yuma Sept 5th.. got canceled.. Went BACK to the rifle range and received my all time low score of Marksman, and then my date moved back to the 18th of October to goto Yuma. Was late again, they tried to take away my BAH and the CO told them where they could stick it.. and that he wished he had 20 marines like me.. OH yeah!! Then the next day was brought to Yuma and have been here ever since.

Let me tell you a story about the army guys here in yuma though, okay? :-) So I come into the tiny MWR we have here with 6 computers and a mediocre television with cable and start typing out an email on one of the computers. There is an army guy who has unplugged one of the "marine" computers and dragged the cable to the tv so he can hook up his laptop and play Lord of the Rings Online while watching tv. My SSgt sees this and goes over to yell at him only to find that he is the Company Commander of the army group here. So we lost this fight.. After about twenty minutes he comes back to put the cable back and I asked him why he didn't use the wireless router to play with his own computer.. I pointed at the wireless router being on one of the shelves. He informed me.. quite rudely.. that it wasn't working correctly and he had spent the morning trying to figure it out, but he didn't have the login information for roadrunner to be able to receive the correct domain information. I gave him what must have been a "you have no clue what you're talking about" look and hooked up the router. I then used his laptop and adjusted the settings to distribute ip address to any and all laptops who requested one (he had it set on static instead of dynamic). I pulled the cable and asked him to try and connect via wireless and see if it gave him a working ip address. He tried.. it worked.. and this is what he said...

get ready for this.. it's gonna be good..

"Ya, it's working!! That's what I like to call Joint Task Force!! You definately get the assist on this one" And puts his hand up to high-five me..

*blink* *blink*... joint task force?? the ASSIST??!!

Now I high-fived him because he's a company commander and the biggest geek I know.. more so for the first than the second.. for fear of making enemies. That's your boy, Steven :)

So ya.. I hope everyone is having a blast.. I miss you all terribly, and hope to see you soonish. and HECK no, I'm not going to Florida, Minnesota, or Okinawa for Christmas.. so don't ask!!

Jason Rushing
Supreme Jedi Emperor of the Klingon Nation, engaged to the Child-like Princess, vowed enemy of Gargamel.

(P.S. All spelling and grammar mistakes were added by steven to try and boost his branch of service's image by comparison.. )

The Update from Outer Darkness!!

Well everyone, it's been quite a while since I have posted anything, so I felt that I needed to make myself known again. I have about two months to cover, so I'll start at the beginning and hopefully you all won't be asleep by paragraph two.

Well, work is going okay. Nothing really exciting is going on, just working hard at doing... nothing. I have been negatively counseled twice in the last two months over things that normally go by with a minor scolding. I showed up to Physical Training one morning without shaving and once I was about a minute and a half late. The former of these two offenses would normally be a very bad thing, except it was PT and not work.. One could argue they are one and the same, but such is really not the case. I shave when I shower.. a habit I developed from my father, and naturally I would not shower prior to going to get sweaty, because I'm going to shower afterwards. This makes perfect sense to me, though apparently... I'm in a minority as I was punished for this action. The second one is completely understandable, though it's a rather unsaid rule that you should receive a warning if you haven't made showing up late an issue prior. So.. One more goof up in the next two months, and I'm looking at administrative action against me. Nothing that bugs me in the slightest, mind you.. since I have already received my good conduct medal, and am realistically 8 months away from FREEDOM. (I need all of you to scream this as if you were William Wallace at your screens as you read this.. I did) Read More...


Well, Everyone.. It's been ENTIRELY too long since you have heard from me, and I figured I'd tell you a bit of a human tale. See Fairy Tales are highly exagerated, fictional stories about real people that the fairies happen to respect, love, or hate. Fairies are quite destinctly the worst liars ever. This is a human tale, it is mildly exagerated (for comical use only of course), truthful story about someone in which the author is well versed with. In this particular case, the author and main character is myself, so please bare with me as fairy tales, for all their heros and glamour, are much more entertaining :-). CLICK READ MORE TO READ IT ALL! Read More...

Marathon and Such

babyHey everybody! Well it's Sunday afternoon in Iraq, about 4:04 pm and the weather out here has been really windy and coldish. I say coldish because it's not really "cold" it's in the lower 60's. I'm sitting here and listening to Big Dismal. Wow, guys.. such a great band. It's a slow day really, though I got to talk on Aim for a lot of it. We're pretty close to coming home now, just a little more time.

Okay, well after a moment of back thought I realize now that I have very little of literal consequence to report, thought my days has been filled with GREAT emotional events. I figure, if you don't mind terribly I'd tell you about the marathon. I completed it! I finished in 4 hours and 35 minutes. The course for a normal marathon is flat and straight, but the course we had, had slants and rocks, off road, on road.. lol. Read More...

Starfish and Sand dollars.

lol this won't be another post like the last one. Well, it's been a bit since I posted, so I figured I'd drop another line to let you guys know that I'm still alive and kicking. Well, alot of people have been breaking their laptops lately so i've been pretty busy out troubleshooting and keeping everyone's connection up. You'd be amazed the problems I see. "it won't turn on!" (it's not plugged in) "I can't recieve emails!" (they have it in 'offline mode') "what's my login name?" (it's your first.last name?!! how can you forget your name?!!) AHHHHHH. Read More...

The Month of December

Well, everyone.. it's currently 3:46 am on December 21st, 2006. I always like to add the year whenever I write an intro as compelling as that one.. You all can glance it up and down, and if you are lucky.. turn to the person next to you and say something like, "He must think we don't know what year it is." And the two of you can laugh over something so simple as an unnecessary specification :-). Back onto topic, It's 3:46, three days into Hanukkah and three days from Christmas Eve. It's amazing how you spend enough holidays away from home, that you don't really seem to mind it as much anymore, I know what you're thinking.. if I TRULY didn't mind I wouldn't even be making mention of it in this small update entry, but I honestly felt I needed to make the point that I really don't care about the "Christmas season" before I stated how much I love the month of December. Read More...

The Chicken Dance and Don't Eat Yellow Sand

Well here we are again. It's a Tuesday morning and I've already run around doing the chicken dance. (This is where I run around trying to figure out what in the world is going on! So now that I have completed said dance, my quota for dancing is over and I can calm down to write more on my short story and write alittle here, so that you all know I am still alive. Read More...

October Iraq Update

Hey everyone,
Well, another week has passed and we enter into the month of October. Has anything changed? Well I've moved, I'm still working with the same guy. He's a real easy guy to get along with and I think on some level he considers me a friend. We don't really hang out but we laugh about the same stuff.. (usually how stupid the people we work for are (-: ) We had a guy come in just a few days ago with a laptop to be fixed. He said the thing doesn't power up and then we plugged it in and it loaded right up. So we gave it back to him and told him it wasn't broken. The next day he comes back with it and demands that we fix it. So we took it in the other room waited about two minutes and then came back out and plugged it in for him.. showing that it was working. He says.. "you guys are amazing.' And takes it with him. Click "more" to read the rest... Read More...

Update from Iraq

Well, all. I have been LONG overdue for an update, and for that I apologize. Things have been busy here and I have been cherishing every tiny bit of free time allotted to me. As you all know Iíve been in Iraq for about three weeks now. I came here with a detachment of Electronics marines and we are already kicking butt and taking names (and by that I mean we are fixing broken stuff.. not shooting people). Read More...

Iraq here I come

My phone will be passed on come Saturday.. So Saturday is the final day that you can reach me by phone.† Here is my contact information.. I will be lucky to get a phone call from you all. hopefully friday night. Read More...

Update from Jason

Well guys, It has been a while so I figured i'd give you a little post to let you know what's going on in my life. In May I got promoted to Cpl, so I am officially a Non Commissioned Officer. It was a HUGE step in my advancement, and I was unbelievably excited at the time of pinning. I had Gabrielle come and pin me up. She is the mom of the local family who has taken me in. Since then I have been given a significant amount of responsibility and an increase in pay and respect. Definately excited about the second part.. makes Jason a much happier person. Read More...

Back From Hiding

Hey everyone. I know you guys all thought I dropped off the edge of the planet, but I indeed have yet to find it. My adventures to find this mystic photo site are quite interesting and I thought you might want to hear about it. Read More...

An Update in the Life of the Frustrated

Well everyone. Time for another update.

I have been planning my future for the last couple of weeks, and have started putting some of the wheels in motion. Read More...

Seporah is On the Way

Due to mild complications Märia is having labor induced at the doctors request. She has high blood pressure and the doctor was concnerned. Don't worry. Everything is fine, but Seporah will make her grand enterance this afternoon. Read More...

Life and Love and Why

Well, this Christmas season has been entertaining and interesting all around. I have been studying a new religion, Messianic Judiasm, and have learned alot about the bible that I've never really realized before. I spend all day saturdays there with their church and then drive home so I can attend church at the Baptist Church, where I will soon pass on my Youth Leader responsibilities to someone else. Probably at the beginning of the coming year. Read More...

Clara Sue Rushing

Clara Sue Rushing

August 11, 1931 - November 28, 2005

A wonderful woman of love.

A patient mother.

A devoted wife.

Your legacy will live forever in me.

Thoughts on coming home

Well, everyone it has been a few days since I've updated.

I am still here and safe. I got pulled to the S-1 shop today and they needed my personal info so they could get the paperwork started on sending me home. That made me smile . And I'm working with the chaplain.. which is definately busy work, but I love the company.. listening to Christian music and ordering things and such.. Great work.. If i ever reinlist.. i'm going to go be a Chaplains Assistant. Read More...

Stained-Glass Masquerade by Casting Crowns

Is there anyone that fails?
Is there anyone that falls?
Am I the only one in church today feelin' so small?

Cause when I take a look around..
Everybody seems so strong.
I know they'll soon discover
That I don't belong

Morning Thoughts

Have you ever woken up in the morning.. just looked around and thought to yourself. "i really don't want to get out of bed today" Read More...

Less than 30 Days

Well guys.. i've been quiet for a while.. and i'm sorry. I've had alot on my plate. I finally finished never look away. It's.. my only musical compositry i've ever written.. and The only people who have heard it is Jason and Roy. They both thought it was great, and Roy even asked to hear it a second and then third time.

well less then 30 days.. just counting down.. I miss you all and pray for you constantly.. I wish I had more to say but I don't.. Just keep me in mind from time to time. Read More...

IED Duty

Well everyone, you are not going to believe what happened to me today . I got picked for a working party outside the base. Well.. i kinda volunteered.. but that's a different story. I didn't want to!! just know that. It was just the best option.

You wont believe what im doing tomorrow

keep me in prayer tomorrow.. i'm doing something i can't believe my command has sent me to do.. I'll tell you about it when I get back.. but I love you guys. And I miss you all terribly.

if we're to share this road, for a portion of our way... Read More...

Quick Update

Well, It's Monday night at 7:50, here in Iraq. And I figured I'd drop you guys a little update on my life. Today I woke up at about 7:30 and quickly dressed for work. I loaded up on my bike and then rode the mile and a half up to my van where I fix radios. I forgot to wake up Jason and Dan though . So they weren't happy with me, but luckily they got their rears in gear in about 10 minutes time, dressed and then rode the 2 minute ride to work. So we all made it (almost) on time. Read More...