Motherhood and Showering

If you ask any mom with young children what they consider a good day, most will respond with something along the lines "I got a shower sometime in the last 24 hours and I ate more than leftover cheerios." Before I had Seporah I took ridiculously long baths. Sometimes 2 or 3 a day. They were a way to wind down. I had an arrangement of bubble baths, bath salts, bath cubes, a bath pillow for goodness sakes. So these answers often worried me. Would I even get a shower let alone a bubble bath? Well thankfully, except for the day after Seporah was born when I wasn't allowed out of bed and the week when Steven retiled the bathtub (I did get clean that week, don't worry), I have had a shower or a bath every single day. Usually I get more than leftover cheerios too, so to most moms, I've had 18 months (minus 8 days) of good days.

Now usually in order to get my bath, I take it with Seporah. But I wonder as she's getting bigger and I'm getting bigger how this is going to work when there's 2 of them. We can't all fit in our bathtub (it's on the smaller size and the babes are only getting bigger is my thought). Do I let one scream bloody murder while I try to clean the spit up out of my hair? Or will I most likely be one of those mom's who finally say "I got a shower last Tuesday and macoroni and cheese for lunch, that was a pretty good day."