June/July Update from Steven

I haven't updated in too long, which is normally when I update! Um, Jason posted a great post on our marathon experience in California, but he left out that small part about how he motivated and pushed me, and seriously laid back so as to finish with me. As proof, he just ran the San Francisco Marathon in 4:40 (we ran ours in 5:38). Congratulations to Jason!

I have spent quite a bit of time recently fighting scammers online. I really hate scammers, who prey on trusting (or ignorant) web shoppers and steal their money. One of the scammers was sending out email that looked like it was from ebay and sent you to a webpage that looked like it was from ebay. It was hosted on a yahoo hosted domain and I contacted Yahoo and got them yanked. I actually tracked them to the middle of Russia and got a call from an FBI rep. It was actually pretty cool.

The second was a CraigsList scam, where people were attempting to have people Western Union them money for computers that they would never get. It was quite a complex setup actually. I tracked them to a guy in Virginia and when I called him up to yell at him and such he played stupid. Well, he was stupid, or computer stupid at least. Just an older guy who had scammers pull his name out of a phone book and register domains under his name and address. I really felt bad for him. So then I contacted his hoster (who happened to be Microsoft Live) and instructed them about the scam, and about how I had talked to the person the domains were registered to and that his identity had been stolen and he wanted them out of his name immediately. So they got shut down by Microsoft and the guy seemed to be grateful.

So that is pretty much been my last couple of weeks. =) Stay tuned for cool stuff from Jason and me. =)