Response to Jason and Steven

I assumed, like probably most people, that breastfeeding in public has become more and more accepted by the general public as time as gone on and people have become less clothed. However I was wrong actually. Our society has grown less tolerant of breastfeeding public as formula companies has increased their hold on people's minds that bottle feeding is better and Barbie and others have sexualized the breasts in the public's eyes. In movies if women are breastfeeding during historical times they are covered up, but come on it's the movies, that's not really the way it was. You can look at older photographs to realize that women breastfeed whenever and wherever they pleased because it was indeed normal and natural.

Besides breastfeeding with a blanket is truly hot and uncomfortable and the kid's gonna bat it away anyways because they're suffocating under it.

(blankets added by Steven)

1898, no blanket there
circa 1930s, no blanket there
no blanket here
1936, no blanket
And of course, WWJD? He'd breastfeed without a blanket over his head.