320 Days Since Last fatal Accident

Whenever you go onto a military base or post, there is this sign that says how many days it's been since that base's last fatal accident. I'm not exactly sure why they post this, it's not talking about the "War in Iraq." No what those signs are talking about is the last time some stupid 18 year old brand new single soldier got really drunk and crashed his vehicle into a wall and killed himself. Now if the post makes it to 100 days, all the soldier's get a holiday for not being stupid (actually Steven doesn't because he has shift work, but that's besides the point). In the 6+ years I've seen these signs I don't think I've ever seen it go above about 120. What happens a lot is the soldiers get their holiday at 100 days and then they do something stupid during that point and it goes all the way back down to 0. The lowest I've seen was 11 days, where it promptly went back to 0. You might think I'm sadistic, but everytime I see this sign go back to 0 I start laughing. All I can think is good, one more stupid soldier down, only about 500,000 to go.

This last time however, the sign didn't go back to 0 at 11 or 120, no it just keeps on going up. Yesterday, I looked and it was at 320! You might think it's because soldiers are getting smarter, but no unfortunately they're not, they're just all being sent overseas. Holy cow, I keep wondering what would actually happen if it reaches 365, a whole year without a stupid soldier killing themselves on base. Maybe the base would get a whole week holiday (that should cause the number to go back to 0 at least once).