Seporah has OCD

Seporah is a crazy monkey, really. We have always been excited to have a kid that really enjoys helping around the house and cleaning up. When we do clothes she brings them to us, and she understands (and has for a long time) where dirty clothes go and where trash goes. She helps take out the "Seporah sized trash" when I take out the big kitchen trash and she puts it in the garbage chute all by herself. But here is where the OCD kicks in. She pushes on the garbage chute until it closes, even though it is spring loaded to close.

Once when we were eating out we got this little wooden cow with holes in it's back to hold crayons. She pulled the crayons out one at a time, and when she wanted another, she would put the first one back in the hole. We were of course used to this behavior, but Märia's uncle Bob said that this was very peculiar for a 16 month old. And since then, we have noticed all the other little things. Her drawers have a "seat belt" that keep her from strewing the contents everywhere. If we open them to get something for her, she isn't interested in ANYTHING until the "seat belt" is closed again and she can't access it! Trash most definitely goes in the trash can. Doors, drawers and cabinets must be shut. And here is the one that convinced me it was far beyond normal.

She pulled out the milk carton asking for milk. I got her some and put it back. And she wasn't happy. I didn't know what was wrong, but she noticed something that was just wrong. So I let her into the fridge to tell me what she wanted. She kept trying to close the milk carton! You know, those half gallon milk cartons? Well, after they have been opened, they never close to where they look brand new. And that was driving her crazy! She kept trying to close it over and over again. And it never could close closer than say an 8th of an inch. Just not good enough for my little OCD girl. =)

I hope I never have to put my little girl in the monkey house, but Märia tells me to look at the silver lining. We probably won't have a hard time getting her to keep her room clean!