Lonnie's Post

Well, this is my first post here so bear with me. I never quite know what to say since my life is so much more boring than everyone elses. I go to work and come home and go to work again. So exciting!!

We have a major new task occuring at work. There is a new program coming on line at work. It will have major changes in how TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice) will conduct business. As Extraditions Unit leader, I have been responsible for working with the programmers and helping them to understand how we conduct business so that they can implement our business model into the new program. Believe me, they have picked my brain and I hope I gave them enough information to make a good new model for us. Tomorrow, I get to demonstrate it and train my unit on the new program. Won't that be fun - NOT!! I hope it goes well tomorrow

For those of you who haven't noticed, Central Texas has been in the grips of an ice storm that has not been seen here in many years. It has been below freezing for almost 60 hours. While we may have a brief respite tomorrow, it will begin again on Friday and continue into next week. For the first time since I have been working for TDCJ, our office has been closed for 2 straight days. Only emergency and essential operations have been working. That is unheard of for our agency. I did go into work for a few hours this afternoon because I knew there would be some things that would need to be handled. All that was at work, as for as non-essential personnel, was myself and my Director. I got some training done on our new system which I really needed to do.

In other news, I am very glad to hear that Jason finished his marathon. Congratulations!! - You are a really sick person (not really - LOL). That is a major accomplishment and I salute you.

Well, nothing else to really report. I hope to write again soon. Hope I didn't bore anyone too much.