The Update from Outer Darkness!!

Well everyone, it's been quite a while since I have posted anything, so I felt that I needed to make myself known again. I have about two months to cover, so I'll start at the beginning and hopefully you all won't be asleep by paragraph two.

Well, work is going okay. Nothing really exciting is going on, just working hard at doing... nothing. I have been negatively counseled twice in the last two months over things that normally go by with a minor scolding. I showed up to Physical Training one morning without shaving and once I was about a minute and a half late. The former of these two offenses would normally be a very bad thing, except it was PT and not work.. One could argue they are one and the same, but such is really not the case. I shave when I shower.. a habit I developed from my father, and naturally I would not shower prior to going to get sweaty, because I'm going to shower afterwards. This makes perfect sense to me, though apparently... I'm in a minority as I was punished for this action. The second one is completely understandable, though it's a rather unsaid rule that you should receive a warning if you haven't made showing up late an issue prior. So.. One more goof up in the next two months, and I'm looking at administrative action against me. Nothing that bugs me in the slightest, mind you.. since I have already received my good conduct medal, and am realistically 8 months away from FREEDOM. (I need all of you to scream this as if you were William Wallace at your screens as you read this.. I did)

Steven, Maria, and Seporah came down for the San Diego Rock N' Roll Marathon last month, and we really had a blast. During this visit I learned a lot about myself that I was unaware of before. The first of which being that I am not a terribly public person. We went to the San Diego Zoo, and the only redeeming quality of this trip was watching Seporah try and experience everything through all 5 senses available to her all at once. That and Maria having a naturally witty demeanor. She makes me laugh... all the time.
After this trip we went back to the house, and I got the opportunity to have a REAL computer expert install a hard drive in my computer. Steven is definitely WAY more computer pro than I am. So... I have a new 500 gig hard drive I can fill with JUNK now :-). We went to bed way later than planned, and after having some pasta we felt we were definitely ready to run 26.4 miles the coming day.

The San Diego Marathon was AMAZING. We got there super early in the morning and thanks to Russell we were locked, cocked and ready to go. He got us there, to the starting line, and even got us there in time to enjoy some complimentary fruit and bread. Though the three of us were in different number segments, we all started together. They must have taken thousands of pictures of all of us smiling and waving goofily all the time. There were bands every two miles, and the music varied from country to rap, and everything in between. The water points and gel handouts were AWESOME, though I did note that I would not have wanted to be on the cleanup crew that stayed behind... if you were there while reading this... you know what I'm talking about. The three of us stuck together until about mile 20 where Russell decided to go for the gold, and show me and Steven how it was done... Which he definitely did. We had a lot of fun talking the whole time, to each other, and to strangers. It was actually.. A lot of fun. Maria and Pam were waiting for us at the finish line, and that meant more to me than anything else. I definitely think that having a group who actually cares about your accomplishments, waiting for you to finish because they are proud of you... is really awesome. If I find a girl dumb enough to marry me someday.. I hope she's just like Maria and Pam in this regard. Me and Steven finished nose to nose and I was dumb enough to lose my clocking thing.. So I didn't pick up a medal, but Steven insisted I keep his.. unselfish to the last. We finished nose to nose, with our tongue dragging the ground.. but we finished, and that's all that matters.
The next day I played sick and me and Steven sat around all day being stupid, but it was great to spend some time with this family and it's extensions. They are really awesome people.

The 18th of June I got Lasik Eye Surgery and am now contacts and glasses free :-). The entire experience was a little traumatic but I definitely think the end is worth the means. Dad came down and took care of me during this week of light sensitivity and eye drop accountability. I could NOT have lasted this week without him there to take care of me. I have the best dad I could ever ask for. I've been on the list for over a year, but they finally fit me in to get the surgery. Let me describe to you the entire procedure. They bring you in and put some drops in your eyes, and put you on your back in this machine. (I'd like to note the entire time they are hustling as if they are saving your heart, or are getting paid by the patient.. I'm not sure which it is). They hold your eyes open with this funny little metal hook and lower this machine down to your eye. (Imagine the mother ship coming to earth with a little conical piece sticking below it. It snaps and buzzes like a star wars torture device, but you don't really feel a thing. After they have done this to both eyes they bring you to the next room.. And you're completely blind. They lay you down again and make you look back into the spaceship and try and find Scottie's teleportation beam (my nomenclature, not their's). It's a small circle, but they've already cut these flaps in your eyes and are now arranging it so the laser can weld it back to your main eye. They have a machine that tells them when your at 100% and can begin but you have to arrange it first. I was in and out in a total of about 30 minutes but had to stand by and wait for the doctor to come back and tell me that I was good and could go home. The doctor says I was a bad patient.. not joking. I am naturally sensitive to light, so in a case like this.. It's 10x worse. The whole week dad babied me and let me be a whiner. I think he's had it up to his eyebrows with my negative attitude by now :-). He went home on Saturday morning and now, a month later, I am finally capable of tolerating bare light without the assistance of sunglasses or accompanied by tears and whine.

Um... I'm going the 27th to San Francisco to run the marathon on the 29th.. And am VERY excited to run across the Golden Gate Bridge.. It's going to be awesome :-).

Well, if you are still reading at this point.. Thank you very much for putting up with my nonsense and bad jokes.. I promise I'll update sometime between now and later, it's coming.. I just won't tell you when :-). Watch out! It could be now.... or now.... or now... REFRESH!!!