Back From Hiding

Hey everyone. I know you guys all thought I dropped off the edge of the planet, but I indeed have yet to find it. My adventures to find this mystic photo site are quite interesting and I thought you might want to hear about it.

Okay. Well, my unit is back from overseas.. so life is starting to return to semi normal. Because of this I had to move rooms again and am now sharing a roomate with a Cpl who is a self labled Satanist.. and I have labled him an alcoholic.. (just not to his face :-) ). The weekend they returned, he and his friends turned my room into a reminescence of a scene from Cocktails. I was less than thrilled. And in a small side note.. I think my digital camera has gone missing.

But my luck has changes since this last weekend I was called to go work at Palomar Mountain Christian Community Center. Wow.. I LOVE my job there. I work hard at doing dishes and anything else they require. I love that the whole time I'm doing dishes.. they are jamming to christian music.. and many of them are singing along. While staying at this lovely establishment I am able to play guitar and study for my college classes in my spare time. My roomate in my tiny shack is named Kyle and I work with his sister Casey in the dining room. He and I both play guitar, (me accoustic and he electric) So we stay up entirely too late everynight and jam together. I love this place.. I work with great people.. doing a job that in any other place would suck.. but because of the environment... I LOVE it. I hate going back down the mountain at the end of the weekend to continue being a marine. I think if I'm given the opportunity in the future.. I'll work at a place like this full time.

Okay, well I have mentioned my college class once during this post and several times at previous intervals.. so I know some of you are wandering what I'm taking and how I'm doing at it. Well.. I'm taking Old Testament Survay 105 at Liberty University stationed in Virginia. I'm taking this course online and it has not been easy.. but very very interesting. I took my midterm last weekend.. *drum roll* and I made a Ninety-Seven. Yes.. out of One hundred questions.. I missed three. I wrote this out so that people scanning the page couldn't pick it out ;-). You gotta read the whole thing guys!

So.. my internet just got hooked up from changing rooms.. and my guitar lessons are going great. I'm learning ALOT.. I hope someday that I"ll be good enough so I can be in a band or something. Not like.. a famous one.. but a great group of guys who want to have fun.. and glorify God. I'm going to get a new recording of the song I've been working on lately... just give me a hint on what you think of "never look away" and "She reminds me" They are posted on the purevolume site. I miss you guys.. and my promise to all of you as my devoted fans... I won't forget the little people :-).