Thoughts on coming home

Well, everyone it has been a few days since I've updated.

I am still here and safe. I got pulled to the S-1 shop today and they needed my personal info so they could get the paperwork started on sending me home. That made me smile . And I'm working with the chaplain.. which is definately busy work, but I love the company.. listening to Christian music and ordering things and such.. Great work.. If i ever reinlist.. i'm going to go be a Chaplains Assistant.

I got to talk to Eve the other day.. even if it was just for 30 minutes on aim, it was worth it. It's hard to explain how small pieces of contact can have such an effect on my outlook.. ugh who knows. I was noticing it when I got a simple email from B, the other day. Nothing exciting in it.. just a letter about her week.. and my day just got better.. lol. That probably sounds pretty dumb, but I don't get many letters at all. Kristi sends me a letter a week (snail mail) and I get emails from Eve and B.. and that's about it. I don't hear from anyone else back home unless I call them. I got to talk to Maiya two or three days ago.. I guess it's just nice to be missed.. lol

I miss you all, though. and I can't wait to come home and see my Grandma.. and all of you who are reading this.