French Fries, "Um, What Do I Do?" and Boring Registeries

When I was pregnant with Seporah I learned that the number one consumed vegetable by children was french fries (as well as adults). I was shocked to say the least. First off potatoes aren't a vegetable, they're a starch. And second off, hello? How many french fries does anyone need, let alone children who's taste buds are unadulterated. Plus they really aren't that good. I said I would never, ever give my daughter french fries, at least until she was in kindergarden or something. I've seen quite a few 9 month olds who chow down on the soft salty french fries that come from McDonald's. Seporah made it to about 14 months, when I was heaving up chunks everyday in the toilet due to the very, very small Felicity. Steven would come home and I'd tell her to take her, take her anywhere, I don't care, just let me be. I wasn't feeding Seporah as much because I couldn't handle the smell of anything, so Steven took her to get french fries, well she loves them, a lot. It's mildly annoying how much she loves them, we drive past a fast food joint and she smells them and she starts whining for french fries. I always tell her no (and Dad tells her yes when I'm not around).

I continued to say I was not buying her french fries...however last week I bought her french fries not once...but twice. The first time was after her throwing up about 30 times in 2 days. She had kept down down some juice and I just wanted her to eat something, anything. She had 1 french fry and then decided she was done with them. She got better within about 5 days (yeah, being thrown up on for a week as well as changing diarrhea diapers every hour really sucks) and then along came teething. It'd been about 6 weeks since the last tooth had come in and the reprieve was nice. But once again it was teething time and that meant temper tantrums. After about 5 temper tantrums in 6 hours I was like fine, whatever you want just stop screaming! So yeah, I've bought my daughter french fries now.

I don't think I was the type of mom to call her mom and dad every hour for advice with a newborn, but toddlerhood is a whole other ballpark. Questions like "How do you get pen markings out of white furniture?" and "How do you get a screaming 20 month old out of her bedroom after she accidently locked the door?" have become an everyday occurrence. I figured that since my parents had gone through 4 toddlers they'd have have a least a couple answers. They do, unfortunately they aren't always the ones I want. ie. "Buy darker furniture." and "There's a hole in the middle of the handle, press that with a pen." (this one would have actually been good except for I'd already taken off half the door handle, but not the half inside because I couldn't). It's said that kids should come with an instruction manuel, I got "What to Expect the Toddler Years" and I really think they should put that sort of stuff in the book.

Lastly I have registered again at Walmart and BabiesRus. I think my registries this time are less than fun. I've been through one baby and so I know what I need. No one needs a wipes warmer or baby bathrobe, if you get them, you will never use them. However Desitin Creamy and hand sanitizer, you will need those, every single day, initially at least 10 times a day. Anyways, we'll see if anyone gets me and Felicity butt cream and germ killer goop.