Comments and Comment Spam

Well, I guess this post is aimed mostly at Russ, but hey, whatever. I haven't posted nearly as much as I should recently. I have been really bugged by comment spam on this blog, and I just get so tired of wading through it. Wordpress (the software that runs this site) is a great system, but it seems spam comments just seem to get through.

So there will be a relaunch soon with a more spam proof system. All of these posts will be backed up and hopefully the comments will as well. Thank you Russ for continuing to read (and anyone else who reads here, but he seems to be the one who comments) and hopefully we can get more readers when we relaunch.

This site will be a little more than just a family news site when we relaunch. I hope to have more reviews (movies, books, games, whatever) and recipes and links to pages and articles we have been reading.

It will be hosted on a new server which I will put a quick nudge in for. If you are looking for affordable webhosting, there is a great deal right now! If you get a account right now, you get free webhosting on DreamHost for a year!

Details are here.