Car, PT Test

Well, I guess I have a little news. I bought a new old car a few days ago. It is a '93 Dodge Shadow. It only had 64k miles on it, and had been owned by an older lady, so I think I got a good deal. It is in really good shape, better shape than my Kia was in after having it for only 4 years and putting nearly 70k miles on it. I am happy enough with it. Only thing is it doesn't have ac, so we will see how nasty it gets this summer =)

We are enjoying our new home, it is almost presentable now. Friday we will be renting a truck to get rid of boxes and trash and old furniture we dont want anymore.

I took a pt test yesterday. I did 53 pushups (75%), 77 situps (96%) and ran in 15:54 (64%). The run time was the worst I have run in my time in the military by far. My last pt test I ran 14:20, and that was my previous worst in a long time. So I really need to work on my run. I also taped over by .8 %. I weighed in at 229 lbs.

Lets see, any other news... Well, I don't think I ever actually posted this, but I was offered a job at the Apple store, but had to decline it based on a really nasty schedule that is forever changing at work. Such is army life I guess.