My Thoughts on Voting

I do not vote.

Nope, I sure don't. My father's not very proud of that, but there you go. When I tell people this they smile and say, "Well at least you didn't vote for _____." Why you may ask do I not vote, is it because I don't really care and don't have an opinion, well yes partly that. But the real reason, is no one gives it to you straight. Steven likes to listen to Glenn Beck and Dr. Laura Love and a few other people who I can't remember their names. He listens to them because they're just about as conservative as he is and he agrees with them about 98% of the time. He wouldn't listen to the liberal propagada for more than 30 seconds once a month. And then it's just to say they're making it up as they go and they have no idea what they're talking about. He says I've got some liberal ideas, especially for a Mormon chick. I like Ayn Rand and Kurt Vonnegurt, one day I told him so. To which he says no wonder you've got some messed up ideas, you actually read that junk? He thinks colleges are inheritly evil as 95% of instructors are liberal and stuff eager young minds with false ideas.

So either you read Kurt Vonnegurt or listen to Dr. Laura and get a one-sided view. No one gives you an unbiased opinion. When I sit there and listen to someone talk about a polictical candidate, they seem to know what they're talking about and have the facts. But then you talk to another person about another candidate and THEY seem to know what they're talking about and have the facts. It's all far too confusing and I don't feel like wading through the crap for hours and hours on end to vote for someone to sit in the office and make decisions about this country. According to most people the politicians are lieing anyways and it seems to me it'll all end up about the same if Hilary Clinton or Mitt Romney gets the oval office.