"Hello, look at me, I'm suppose to be the center of attention!"

We all went to the water park today and had a lot of fun. We went in the little kids pool with little slides, water guns, sprinklers and other such children's swim stuff. It was also packed with, you guessed it, kids and their parents. Now Seporah is a very active, very social toddler. She loves to talk and she loves to be the center of attention. The toddler's handbooks say toddler's think the world revolves around them and even though there are several parts of the handbook she obviously has not read, she has that concept down pat. So there were all these new people and Seporah is so excited. She swims around (with her floaties, she's actually quite good at it) and says to everyone "Hi! Hi! Hi!" Except for no one's listening, they're all playing and having fun. Seporah didn't mind initially, but after a while no one was saying hi back or telling her she was the cutest thing in the world and I don't think I have ever seen her more disappointed. It was so sad. Steven and I tried to make up for it the best we could, but Seporah doesn't know she should be more than a little worried about the competition she's going to get in a few months.