Here in Hawaii

Well Lonnie and Patricia have been here the past couple of days. We've been doing the tourist stuff with them. We finally went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, it was just as good as I remembered it. The only bad part was it rained so walking around was a little wet. But it really was a lot of fun. We also went to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, I am officially tired of being thought of as a tourist. I need to develop a tan, everyone treats me like a dumb tourist and I'm like no, I live in Mililani. It was bad at work, another nurse asked if it looked like she had a tan (which she did), so I stuck my leg out to show her the difference. She looked brown compared to my flouescent white. I don't wear pants either. I either wear skirts or capris and I go outside. It's probably that I'm scared I'll burn Seporah, so we don't go out for very long. I'd go to a tanning booth but Steven is adament about no tanning booths (he also puts his foot down about motorcycles, but that's about it, so I figure I have to comply).

Apple came out with the MacBooks, we haven't bought one yet, but I figure it's only a matter of time before we do. Steven's saying no-no, we aren't getting one. But I don't think he drools over me as much as he drools over the new MacBooks ;) It would be nice just for the fact we could have one computer each because they run mac osx and microsoft windows. I guess I'm now a Mac fan, they are definately better than Microsoft computers any day of the week. However Windows is a necessary evil in our Microsoft oriented world (not that I'm drooling over the MacBooks mind you). I get frustrated when I use the Windows machine now, too many flaws and it can't do enough, plus it's slow.

Oh I am also here to advertise for Kodak. We bought the Kodak EasyShare Camera plus Printer the week after Seporah was born (when we realize our camera was terrible) and it's wonderful. Easy to use and you can print photos that are water-proof (like at the store) right at home. It's great when we're sending cards, just pop it on and it takes like 15 seconds and you've got a photo to send with your card. Before we never sent photos, but we're nothing to look at when you compare us to Seporah. Seporah's the real charmer. I guess I'm a regular biased mom, I think my baby is the cutest, smartest, strongest baby in the whole world and if you say anything bad about her I'll kill you, it's that simple ;) It's gonna be tough on me when she actually does something bad.

She's doing great, getting bigger and bigger everyday, really. She's my chucky monkey and we're running out of clothes that fit her, I didn't think we'd have that problem for a while since we've got them up to 18months (a couple that are 24months). She's not even quite 5 months. But she's getting bigger everyday, it shows she's nice and healthy.

That's about it, hope all is going well for everyone else, Märia