Update from Iraq

Well, all. I have been LONG overdue for an update, and for that I apologize. Things have been busy here and I have been cherishing every tiny bit of free time allotted to me. As you all know Iíve been in Iraq for about three weeks now. I came here with a detachment of Electronics marines and we are already kicking butt and taking names (and by that I mean we are fixing broken stuff.. not shooting people).

I canít give numbers or names, but I share my office with another Cpl who is married with kids. Heís a real calm guy and I enjoy his company most of the time. His music can get annoying but Iím sure my incessant singing can be mildly irritating as well. A quote:

Me: Hey whatís the meaning of life?
Him: 42
Me: terribly original
Him: did you think it was going to be different for me than it would be for Douglas Adams? I mean itís not like itís based on cellular development or divided by our weight..
Me: Ö

So life in my van Is definitely interesting, but sleeping in my two man tin cans is cool too. Iím rooming with another Cpl who works out here and he is a geek as well. We make a good pair, only two major points of conflict. Go ahead and laugh dad, this wonít come as a surprise. I like to keep the Air Conditioning (yes.. climate control in the living areas.. *shock*!!! In another 20 years they might put them on Camp Pendleton) going full blast on itís coldest while in the room, and turned off while not there at all. He likes to have it on medium all day long, even while we arenít there. We donít argue about it. He just waits til I sleep and then gets his way. The other point of contention is that he likes to put a movie on and then goto sleep. I like to sleep, but if there is a movie on.. Iím going to watch it. He typically makes it through the first 10 minutes and is snoozing, but if I get out of bed and turn the tv off, he wakes up and asks me what Iím doing.. because heís watching that. 8)!! What in the world?! So I watch the whole movie and then crash out at like 12 when I should have been sleeping since 10. Needless to say, Iím tired the next day :)

Well Iím going to start my fitness schedule tonight. I can run around the camp when not at work, but our work schedule has been so hectic, that Iíve been fighting just for some ëstay sane timeí. Iím going to start running during lunch and after work. In the mornings I like to come to work and make phone calls. If you want a phone call from me, just drop me a message. My Contact info is on the contact info page. Iím getting a lot of messages from Steven and Maria, and I love those messages! Things to remember if you want to call me. This comes straight to me, you donít have to specify who itís for. And the message only lasts 60 seconds, so you might want to time it if you want to talk for an extended period of time. And if you have A LOT to say, then call back like 6 times I promise you, I will listen to every single message.

Favorite Artist of the week: Bethany Dillon. Wow I really like some of her songs, If you have access you should listen to these two songs. ìlead me onî and ìexodusî Wow.. great songs.

Favorite Band of the lifetime: Switchfoot. You should listen to anything from their first three cds, or select songs from the last 2. some that I suggest are ìAmyís Songî ìPlaying for Keepsî and a song Iíve made a regular part of my daily language ìLife and love and whyî

Artist on the out (artists that were my favorite.. but Iíve listened to them so much Iím kinda tired of them: Phil Joel. Great artist, but donít listen to both of his cds back to back.. for three days straight. You could potentially get sick of hearing ìStrangely Normalî

Band on the out: Waking Ashland, EXCELLENT BAND. But they are definitely on the bottom of the deck during my music listening now.

I love you all, I will see you all when I update again.. which hopefully will be sometime in the next week

I love you all, I will see you all when I update again.. which hopefully will be sometime in the next week.

Jas(on) L(ee) Rush(ing)