Quick Update

Well, It's Monday night at 7:50, here in Iraq. And I figured I'd drop you guys a little update on my life. Today I woke up at about 7:30 and quickly dressed for work. I loaded up on my bike and then rode the mile and a half up to my van where I fix radios. I forgot to wake up Jason and Dan though . So they weren't happy with me, but luckily they got their rears in gear in about 10 minutes time, dressed and then rode the 2 minute ride to work. So we all made it (almost) on time. They were minutes late, so no one really noticed. One of my Sgts are angry with me.. a few days ago I was walking into the tent and one of the Sgts yelled out my name and ordered me to go replace one of the other LCpls on NCO Duty. So I grabbed my gear and went, but when word got back to my SSgt (the guy in charge of me) that the Sgts were grabbing guys from his section and putting them on posts, without consulting him... That Sgt got yelled at by my SSgt.. and now that Sgt.. is not a big fan of Jason right now . I wish it wasn't so.. i mean i didn't really do anything.. it was his actions regarding me that got him in trouble.. but he doesn't really accept that. So on to other things..

I'm out of wire radios to fix, so I really sit around and do nothing all day, while the radio side does all their work. I brought my laptop up tonight so as to have something to entertain myself. My heart is troubled again by the rollercoaster ride of my heart lately.. so I found myself writing more. It's so much easier to put my feelings down on paper, than to try and reason through them outloud. I got a letter from MayMay Wow I was happy about that . It's not often I hear from her, and no doubt, she is definately one of my favorite little sisters. Probably the only one who even pays attention to me . Well Jason is still trying to convince me to roll over, but Dan doesn't want me to.. professionally we just don't get along. He wants me to go back to my old unit. I want to do both!! I want to go back to my old unit and be the BEST guy in my field there. Because I have learned ALOT on this float. Or I could stay here, and be with my friend... and get to see all the really cool countries again.. I just don't know.. We'll see. I hope things are going great for all of you. I wanted to put something here to make you all remember my antics with:

Neve: Jason, did you put this cd inside the airconditioner?
Me: um.. i don't think I put a cd inside the airconditioner, what makes you think it was me?
Neve: Jason! It's a Cd with a big cross on it and it says 'Rushing' across the front!
Me: Um.. well.. it might be mine.. I'll take it just incase I meet this "Rushing" fellow.. and can return his property. *looks around to see if anyone is buying this at all*

Yeah... well when the AC guy came through earlier and was working on it, I apparently put it ontop of the AC unit and it fell ontop of the motor box.. so when Neve came through she found it and 'somehow' figured out that it was mine .

God bless!!