October Iraq Update

Hey everyone,
Well, another week has passed and we enter into the month of October. Has anything changed? Well I've moved, I'm still working with the same guy. He's a real easy guy to get along with and I think on some level he considers me a friend. We don't really hang out but we laugh about the same stuff.. (usually how stupid the people we work for are (-: ) We had a guy come in just a few days ago with a laptop to be fixed. He said the thing doesn't power up and then we plugged it in and it loaded right up. So we gave it back to him and told him it wasn't broken. The next day he comes back with it and demands that we fix it. So we took it in the other room waited about two minutes and then came back out and plugged it in for him.. showing that it was working. He says.. "you guys are amazing.' And takes it with him. Click "more" to read the rest...

The next day he comes back and says. 'You didn't fix anything! It still won't load up!" So we do take it in the other room and just kinda look at each other confused.. plug it back in.. and it works FINE. We're like.. okay we show him that it works and then reject it for maint again! So today he comes down to our shop and this is the conversation we have.

Him: I don't know.. we take it back to the shop and it won't load up, and you always make it work here so you guys need to stop messing with us and just keep it working :)
Geist (the computer fixer) : you know our shop isn't "magic" right? My being right here doesn't create some sort of vortex in which this laptop will then allow itself to power on.
Him: You just need to do your job and keep it working, don't make me call my Superiors about this.. this could get ugly
*we just look at each other for a moment confused that this person could be this dumb*
Me: hey are you plugging this into the same outlet everytime? Or have you tried other outlets
Him: ... You think one of our outlets might be bad?
Us: *stare at him like he's absolutely stupid*
Him: I'll give it a try but I don't think that's it..

We called his Sergeant later and found out that He had been plugging it into a power strip that had been unplugged for a week. Wow!

So they made me move though.. I'm living in a different room with 2 LCpls.. this isn't making me happy! They are both really messy, and we don't have enough storage space to put all our stuff so that it won't get stolen. I refuse to pull rank in the room, but I had to tell one of the LCpls that he does not get the single bed.. that the lower ranks would be sharing the bunk beds.. I had a hard time believing I had to explain why this was the way it was.. But who knows.. I was probably just being selfish. I've got the most amazing sister-in-law ever. She leaves me these messages on my voicemail and no joke.. it's the highlight of my day. Every morning I download them and she has the most RANDOM things to say, but it's always entertaining.. so that's my blessing for this week. Hey Maria if you find a single girl who is alittle like you tell them you have a cool brother-in-law. I know you might have to lie to retain her interest, but we gotta do what we gotta do to get me dates you know J.

Highlighted Band : Big Dismal. They only put out one CD but I LOVE their music.. it's so great. Suggested songs are "Just the Same" or "Hanging On" I highly suggest you just buy one of these songs off itunes or something and listen.. I think they have an awesome song.
Highlighted Artist: matthew west: Great guitarist. I really like their song "You Know Where to Find Me" or the song "More" He has a very acoustic sound to him, and He blends it well with some meaningful lyrics. Music for jamming, but not something you can get lost in.

There are no bands on the out right now, but If I have one I'll make sure you know. J

Just know that you are on in my thoughts and on my heart. I pray for you everyday.