Transitional Periods for Transitional People create Transcendental Thought and Throw up

Well.. Too all my adoring fans, I say hello once again. It has been quite a while since I have put my fingerprints on the webpage, and for that I apologize profusely. I am thrilled to be an Uncle the second time, and everyone should definitely buy diapers for Seporah's big #2 coming up a couple of weeks! That is.. for Felicity ;-). I imagine Steven is probably spending an expansive amount of time trying to make his oldest handle this aspect of her life on her own. Good luck, Brother!

Well.. it's my favorite month again, and it has brought me to a mild state of anxiety. I am currently taking Humanities 101 and this Art History course is really kicking my butt. Mostly because I'm doing all 8 weeks of it in one week, thanks to conflicting Liberty University and Uncle Sam's Misguided Children (USMC.. haha I made a funny) policy. USMC states that I can not get out of a class due to field activity if they were not made aware of the class before hand (aka.. if they didn't pay for it). Liberty University states that I can not drop a class after the first 10 days OF that class. Well.. I was in Yuma for the entirety of this class, and I only logged in once... to tell my instructor that I couldn't complete the course and needed to be dropped. So.. I didn't get dropped and I'm stuck with the idea that I have to finish the course and pay for it out of pocket.. and get credit for it. Or I can not finish the course, pay for it out of pocket, and not get credit for it. So I took a week of leave and did nothing but work on it full time, and have almost completed it now, and I will pay for it out of my GI Bill... and get credit for it!

Okay.. scary thought.. There is a girl in my life. I promise, I will NOT keep you posted. I drive Maria and Steven crazy with excessive amounts of this kind of information so I will spare all of you details. But.. it is kinda nice :-). I promise... You'd all like her.

Well.. I know what you're all thinking... How much longer until you are no longer a Misguided Child.. NEVER! I will always be a Misguided Child!! But I won't be Uncle Sam's anymore come April the 15th. Four more months, and my 5 year enlistment.. is over. *cues Angelic singing*

So what's next? No idea.. :-( I could stay in California over the summer and goto a Junior College, or I could go back to Texas for the Summer and stay with dad and goto Temple College. I could go straight from here to Lynchburg, Va where I have been accepted at Liberty University, and I have to give them an answer about that by March 1st. I could goto UMHB back in Temple, or Cal State here in California. I could goto Point Loma Nazarene College, or possibly Biola..

A very distant but APPEALING idea might be to go to college with Pete in Northern Arizona.. and I really do like this idea. We could be roomates again, and the college itself seems very appealing as a central ground between Texas, and California. I could travel back and forth easily and see those I care about in both directions. I don't know.. give me advice about college.. because I don't know anything :-(

I have so many decisions to make.. I just think I'm going to vomit due to stress sometimes.. lol

Keep me in your prayers.. and I promise you will be in mine.